Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Travis receives an ultimatum

In episode 7 of ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’, Travis faces an ultimatum and has to make some tough choices to keep Uber alive. 


With Travis on break, no one knows what to do at the office. Everything looks a little chaotic. Travis is shown attending his mom’s funeral. After that, he makes some calls and still controls everything from behind the curtains. 

Abigal Johnson, Bonderman, and Drummond go to meet Bill. They are unhappy about the Greyball story. They are no longer willing to bet on Travis. Removing him seems like the only option left. 

Travis visits his dad, who is still recovering and is in the hospital. His brother is there too. They get in a fight. His brother needs financial help from Travis. But Travis rudely declines and calls him jealous and classless. 

At the board meeting, Bill says sending Travis away was a sham. He tells everyone about how he is still contacting people and is getting into code. Bill believes that Travis needs to resign. The board members plan to draft the letter for him.

Arianna says she needs some time and talks to all the employees individually. She later agrees with the resignation idea. 

Meanwhile, Travis is taking an interview of Malcolm to be his CFO but ends up kicking him out. The letter reaches Travis, and he loses his cool.

He starts shouting and cursing at the board members. He realizes that he is stuck in a sticky situation and calls Arianna. She confirms that she always has is back. 

Travis goes to visit his ex. He tells her to talk to board members since they’ve always had a soft corner for her. But she refuses. He curses at her. She tries being nice to him but he storms out in anger.

He calls Garette and asks him to support him. Garette refuses. Travis loses control over his anger again and starts taunting and shouting at him. 

Olivia learns about the current situation with Travis and the board members. She approaches Bill and Arianna to make a story out of it after he resigns. Arianna refuses to give a statement. 

Travis finds Austin and asks her to support him. She disagrees. He goes to meet Arianna. She suggests he step down as this is the only best option. He agrees after some persuasion but he has a condition- Bill Gurley should be out. 

Travis breaks the fourth wall and addresses the viewers. He talks about how sometimes it’s necessary to do everything needed to change the world, even if it is morally and ethically wrong. 

Travis walks into the office and tells the board members that signing that resignation letter was a mistake and is not binding.

He addresses his employees by asking them if they’re ready for the next stage of growth and everyone starts cheering and clapping for him. 

The viewers later learn that this was a figment of his imagination. In reality, Travis had been declined an entry into the Uber office. 

The news about Travis being forced to resign has made it to the headlines. Travis and Bill have a confrontation. Bill tells him that they are both casualties of the same war. 

The series ends with Travis hitching a taxi and asking the driver to take him to the airport. 


  • The episode was very predictable as the audience already knew about Travis’s faith. However, it was still interesting to see how he reacts to it. 
  • It was refreshing to watch everyone stand against Travis and hold him accountable for his mistakes instead of just letting him go without any repercussions. 
  • The episode felt a little underwhelming for the season finale and lacked some substance. 

Rating: 3/5

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