Succession season 4 episode 8 recap & review: America Decides

In Succession season 4 episode 8, Tom tries his best to manage a newsroom increasingly rife with chaos in the midst of the election results while the sibling trio fight over the ramifications the results will have on them, the company, and the country.


It’s election night and there’s a clear rift between the siblings in terms of the favorite candidate. Roman roots for Mencken and insists that he’ll back their quest to block the GoJo deal.

Shiv doesn’t want an authoritarian to take over, and she also has stakes because of her partnership with Matsson. Kendall is in a pickle — he doesn’t like the implications Mencken’s win will have for his daughter Sophie, but he’s also backing Roman.

Meanwhile, Tom is having the worst time managing the newsroom and later when Shiv tries to make up for the poison she gave him during their fight, also telling him she’s pregnant with his kid, he expresses disbelief and doubt.

When a fire renders thousands of ballots at a Milwaukee vote center destroyed and all the votes with it, Roman allows Ravenhead to shout at the nation for the fire being a ploy by the leftist mobs. He later calls Tom to call for Wisconsin, while the reality would have likely been that Jimenez won the majority.

Meanwhile, Shiv asks Kendall to reconsider it all and support Jimenez and he agrees to give it a shot as well, but when he learns that Shiv lied to him about talking to Jimenez about blocking the deal and that she’s working with Matsson (thanks to Greg), he changes his mind and supports Mencken.

Succession season 4 episode 8 ends with ATN calling it a win for Mencken, without any statistics or data supporting it, while Connor also concedes to him, giving a most Connor-like crazy speech.


  • Connor’s speech starts with moments of sincerity and surprising maturity but slowly steers towards the expected territory and it’s just a delight to witness.
  • The biggest takeaway from Succession season 4 episode 8 is that in the midst of all the death and family dysfunction, people must not lose sight and start rooting for these criminal capitalists who’d choose fascism if it secures them a win.
  • Greg turns up the mischief and claps back at Shiv after what she tries to pull with him, failing to dominate the disgusting brother who can pull his own weight now.
Succession season 4 episode 8
Succession season 4 episode 8 recap & review: America Decides 1

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