Succession season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Kill List

In Succession season 4 episode 5, the Roys head off to Norway to negotiate with Matsson.


The Roys head off to Norway where they are to engage in a tug-of-war with Matsson regarding the deal. His offer is a bit of a shocker as Kendall and Roman struggle to do even a fraction of what their father could do in situations like these.

Matsson new offer is to put ATN back into the package and he raises the monetary offering to $187 a share. This is well above the $144 ceiling that the Roys had come prepared with. Roman vehemently opposes selling ATN but Shiv has no problem getting rid of it.

She later meets Matsson in private where he creepily hits on her while also talking about his morbid jokes and potential harassment suit he’s got going on with his PR head, Ebba. Later, Tom tries to mingle with Matsson and company, only for Greg to eventually involve himself too as they all get made fun of by Matsson.

This and a lot of other things tick Roman and Kendal off. Kendall proposes to Roman that the tank the whole deal, and Roman agrees eventually. When Matsson further humiliates the brothers, Roman finally snaps and calls the deal off.

However, on their flight back home, Matsson calls Frank and informs them that his offer now stands at $192 per share. As eveyone rejoices and celebrates, the brothers sport grave expressions. The celebrations of the board members are cut short when they learn about the kill list, according to which all but Gerri, Karolina, and Tom are to be fired.


  • Succession season 4 episode 5 is an exciting instalment in the kind of dominos it sets up for the inevitable downfall of the Roys.
  • Shiv is living big colluding with Matsson which only suggests that she’s going to be suffering a devastating blow soon, as the Roy siblings can never go a couple of days without a crisis.
  • Tom’s mischief and what he’s got cooking will make for a lot of excitement as the drama between him and Shiv has to play out with a lot of other revelations and developments informing it.
Succession season 4 episode 5
Succession season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Kill List 1

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