Spy x Family season 2 episode 5 recap & review

In Spy X Family season 2 episode 5, Yor is on a cruise ship for a mission, but the presence of her family might complicate everything. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Yor meets Shopkeeper for her next mission. This time around, she will be protecting someone, not killing anyone. The Gretcher family, known for running the country’s underworld for generations in an honorable way, had an internal conflict recently.

The boss and his two sons were killed. The only surviving members of the family are Olka Gretcher and her son, who are in Shopkeeper’s custody now.

Leonardo Hapoon, the man who has taken over the Gretcher family’s organization, is desperately looking for the two. There is a big bounty over Olka and her son’s heads. All the assassins from around the world are now looking for them.

Shopkeeper has agreed to help Olka seek asylum in a foreign country. They are using the sea as a route to send Olka and her son away. Olka and her son will be on a ship, and Yor will have to be by her side all the time until they are handed over.

Shopkeeper was in debt to the boss who got killed, and hence he wants this mission to go smoothly. Shopkeeper has also made arrangements that will suggest that Yor is traveling on the cruise for city hall’s work.

On her way back home, Yor bumps into Yuri. After having a conversation with him, she comes to realize that Yuri is no longer dependent on her and that she can quit working as an assassin.

Meanwhile, Anya wins a chance to go on the same cruise trip as Yor’s in a mall’s biannual mega raffle. She reads Yor’s mind and wonders whether she and Loid should go on the cruise, as it will make things difficult for her mother. Anya ultimately chooses to go on the cruise.

Even Loid is given an off for the trip by the Handler, who has been scolded for making the spies work a lot. While Loid and Anya will be in the third class, Yor will be working in the first.

Yor meets her team, Olka Gretcher, and her son. Olka and her son have put on a disguise. They have boarded the ship with different names. Yor’s team leaves to inspect the ship. In the meantime, Yor gets to know Olka and her son better.

Olka’s husband was killed along with her father and her brothers. Her son is the only family she has now. Unlike her gangster family, she seeks a quiet life. She doesn’t want to inherit anything from her family.

Olka requests to get some fresh air. However, Yor is not only worried about the assassins but also about her family finding out about her line of work. Olka understands and offers her her clothes. This way, her family won’t recognize her.

Yor, Olka, and her son, Gram, spend time outside, unaware that the entire ship is bugged. The person on the other side hears Olka telling Yor her son’s name and claiming that this is also her gangster father’s name. The person on the other side recognizes that this is the woman they are looking for.


  • The fifth episode finally gets a stronger and more long-term plot. So far, the episode has established the basics, and the conflicts are yet to come.
  • Loid continues to amuse viewers with his bad habit of overanalyzing everything. The fun part is that he looks at his rest as a mission too and vows to accomplish it.
  • In this arc, the viewers get to see Yor’s heartwarming personality during a mission for Thorn Princess. If difficulties are to come, these two personalities will continue to one-up each other, offering more action and laughs.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 5
Spy x Family season 2 episode 5 recap & review 1

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