Spy x Family season 2 episode 1 recap & review

In Spy x Family season 2 episode 1, Yor faces the pain of an injury while on a date with Loid, who believes her mood is off because of him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Yor takes out the entire Red Circus gang. However, unbeknownst to her, one of the members is still moving. He aims his gun at Yor and shoots.

Back home, Loid and Anya are watching the news about the discovery of the bodies of the same Red Circus gang members killed by Yor until Anya asks her father whether she can change the channel.

Yor returns home with an injury. The Red Circus member shot her on her butt. Although Yor has treated the wound, she is still suffering from pain. However, she can’t tell Loid about the injury and blow her cover.

While Anya reads Yor’s mind and figures out what’s happened, Loid assumes that Yor’s mood is off. Loid overthinks and wonders if he is the reason behind Yor’s bad mood. He has been asking her for a lot of things lately.

Fearing that family troubles will ruin his mission, Loid decides to fix things with Yor. The next day, Yor is still suffering from pain on her butt. Loid, on his side, feels she is still in a bad mood and, hence, decides to take her out on a date.

Yor has never been on a date, and she realizes that she needs to gain the experience or else people will suspect whether they are a real family or not.

Yor agrees to the date, despite the pain troubling her. Anya won’t be joining them, as it is a date. Franky will be looking after her while Loid and Yor are not home.

Loid has come up with 862 date plans, and Yor destroys 794 of them by expressing that she would like to walk instead of going in a car. Yor intends to avoid sitting at all costs.

Anya worries about her parents and tells Franky that she wants to tail them. Franky is ready to do that, as he also wants to learn how Loid is able to charm women.

Anya and Franky disguise themselves to make sure Loid doesn’t catch them. However, within seconds, Loid finds out that the two are tailing them. He lets them do that.

Loid takes Yor for shopping, movies, a spa, and more. Yor avoids most of the activities that will put pressure on her butt. Meanwhile, Anya and especially Franky have fun following them and doing the same activities.

At the end of the day, Loid and Yor sit for dinner at a restaurant where Franky and Anya are not allowed to enter. Just when Anya and Franky are about to leave, Anya reads the mind of a waiter, who turns out to be a surviving member of the Red Circus gang.

The Red Circus member thanked god for helping him survive Thorn Princess’ attack. From that point on, he made plans to not go back to a life of crime and work hard for his girlfriend.

After seeing Thorn Princess in front of his eyes again, he begins thinking that his friends from hell have sent her to him so that he can avenge them.

Anya plans to stay and save her mother. After learning that Anya is worried that her parents might get a divorce, Franky agrees to help her break in.

The Red Circus member makes Yor drink the toxic poison of pufferfish. Yor has a high tolerance for poison. Instead of killing her, the poison relieves Yor’s pain on the butt. However, pufferfish blood is still dangerous, and normal people must follow directions and recommended dosages.

The Red Circus member doesn’t give up and plans to make an improvised bomb from the tools in the storeroom. Anya abandons Franky and goes off all alone. She sets up small traps for the Red Circus member, who falls for them.

Anya appears in clothes just like her mother and warns the Red Circus member to never come near her family again. Anya also mentions the member’s girlfriend’s name, leaving the member so frightened that he will take this chance and never cross the Thorn Princess again.

Loid and Yor’s date continues, and Anya exposes herself the moment Loid asks Yor whether she wants to go to the fair. The next day, however, the poison wears off, and Yor again faces pain, whereas Loid assumes that she is in a bad mood and comes to the conclusion that women are hard to understand.


  • Spy x Family sticks to its basics for its second season premiere by delivering a light-hearted episode after teasing in the opening minutes that Yor would be in grave trouble.
  • The family’s overthinking tendencies continue to amuse the viewers. Also, it’s hilarious to see Loid failing to lift Yor’s mood after preparing such an elaborate date.
  • In this episode, Anya is more of an addition to an already fun-filled ride. Meanwhile, Yor continues to surprise the viewers with her various feats.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 1
Spy x Family season 2 episode 1 recap & review 1

Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Teruyuki Omine

Date Created: 2023-10-07 21:00

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