Spy x Family season 1 episode 23 recap & review

The twenty-third episode of ‘Spy x Family’ sees Twilight (Loid) and Nightfall (Fiona) defeating Campbell’s kids, and Fiona going up against Yor in a tennis match. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Twilight and Nightfall continue to elude the tennis court’s shifting levels. They give it back to the Campbell siblings, who come up with a new trick one after the other.

Carol nods toward one of his associates, who manipulates the net, causing Twilight and Nightfall to lose points. Twilight and Nightfall find their way around the moving net.

Carol is left with no choice but to use his dirtiest trick. He signals a sniper who is hiding in the arena to shoot Nightfall down. Twilight rescues Nightfall and assesses the rubber bullet meant to knock them out, which is of the same color as the tennis court.

Twilight and Nightfall can report this to have the Campbell siblings disqualified, but they don’t want to lose their chance of grabbing the painting they came all the way for.

The duo opts to move quickly and in quite a strange manner to avoid the bullets and at the same time hit the ball. Even the shooters on the ground fail to bring them down.

Eventually, Twilight and Nightfall defeat the Campbell siblings. Carol accepts his loss and asks Twilight to teach him tennis. Cavi Campbell is glad that even though they have lost a lot of money, his son has learned something from this experience.

Twilight notices someone whispering in Cavi’s ears and suspects that this is a message from the State Security Service. They probably have come to collect the painting.

Twilight’s suspicions come true when Campbell denies giving them the painting of ‘Lady in the Sun’. In order to make sure that the painting falls into their hands, Twilight disguises himself as one of Campbell’s men.

He is given the responsibility of handing the painting to the officers of the State Security Service. Twilight pretends to clean the painting and replaces the original with a fake one.

While the State Security Service is handed a fake, the original lands in Twilight’s hands. Nightfall, on the other hand, also grabs something from Campbell’s art collection as a winning trophy.

Nightfall goes back to being Fiona, and Twilight turns into the family man he is as Loid. She drops Loid on her way and notices Yor and Anya playing tennis.

Loid thanks Yor and Anya for teaching him tennis. A jealous Fiona challenges Yor to a match. Yor also wants to prove that she is a worthy wife. Without giving it a second thought, she accepts Fiona’s challenge.

Yor is up to serve the ball. She hits the ball with such force that it gets cut into little pieces. Fiona is shocked to see what Yor just did, but she isn’t ready to back down from a fight.

The second time, Yor firmly controls her strength and hits the ball. Fiona sees the ball coming straight at her with brute force.

She desperately wants to replace Yor as Loid’s wife. That goal of hers keeps her spirit alive, but she fails to give it back to Yor as her racket breaks down when she tries to hit the ball.

Fiona admits that she lost and feels ashamed. She quickly packs up and leaves in her car. Yor proudly tells Loid that she just won.

The next day, Loid visits Slyvia to see what WISE has decoded from the painting. Slyvia informs him that Nightfall came here in the morning and is now spending time in the mountains practicing her swing to get better at tennis.

WISE agents cracked the code that is on the painting and tracked down the Zacharis Dossier. The document is actually a diary full of pictures featuring young actresses from the theater.

Erik Zacharis used to admire their beauty and the art form itself. Zacharis’ wife got fed up with him spending a lot of money on theater and these pictures.

The couple fought a lot, and he had no option but to get rid of these pictures. He couldn’t let go of some of them, as they are rare. So he created this Zacharis Dossier and kept this diary in hiding, hoping to avoid another war between him and his wife.

Twilight got disappointed upon finding out that their hard work went to waste. Turns out, Zacharis had taken a few diplomatic corps to a theater and had asked them to keep this outing a secret from his wife.

From here, the rumor surrounding Zacharis Dossier started spreading and eventually turned into something else altogether.

Before handing the diary back, Twilight glanced at the picture featuring Zacharis’ family and wondered what a real family looks and feels like.


  • The match of Twilight and Nightfall vs. the Campbell siblings gets wrapped up quickly. The show could have ended it right away in the previous episode.
  • The Yor vs. Fiona battle overshadows the mission altogether, which, at the end of the day, was a waste. However, the arc served its purpose of establishing the chemistry between Fiona/Nightfall and Loid/Twilight.
  • The sheer amount of strength Yor has would make an avid viewer suspect that she is more than just a human. It’s good to see her beating Fiona swiftly and quickly.
  • Fiona will certainly grow on the viewers. Though most of the fans will root for Yor, Fiona is here to stay and will leave the fans laughing with the antics she will pull off in order to replace Yor as Loid’s wife.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 23
Spy x Family season 1 episode 23 recap & review 1

Director: Kenji Takahashi, Kazuki Horiguchi

Date Created: 2022-12-10 21:00

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