Spy x Family season 1 episode 22 recap & review

The twenty-second episode of Spy x Family sees Twilight and Nightfall participating in an underground tennis tournament for their latest mission. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Agent Nightfall, also known as Fiona Frost, keeps a keen eye on Twilight and observes how he has changed ever since forming a family with Yor, Anya, and Bond for Operation Strix.

Despite the fact that Twilight has gone soft, Nightfall still finds his new side quite attractive. Nightfall’s goal to replace Yor continues, and she plans to prove that she would be a better fit as his wife during their new mission.

Their target is a painting called Lady in the Sun, owned by Cavi Campbell, a wealthy man who has made his fortune in energy industries. He is also an avid collector of art and antiquities.

The painting hides clues to the whereabouts of a document known as the Zacharis Dossier, which contains information that could spark another war between the East and the West. Now it’s up to Twilight and Nightfall to recover that document.

In order to break into the highly secured basement of the Campbell Mansion, Twilight and Nightfall will have to pose as participants in an underground tennis tournament called Campbelldon, arranged by Campbell.

The tournament is for Campbell and his wealthy friends, who gather with their huge sums of money. The winners of the tournament usually get to choose the piece of art they want from Campbell’s collection.

The couple kicks off the tournament to a great start by defeating a duo of veterans in the game.

Twilight is as impressive as ever, and Nightfall is flattered by his skills. On top of that, she is pleased to see people assuming that they are husband and wife.

Twilight, on his side, is keeping a watch on Nightfall, as he has received reports that she has been quite rough lately when it comes to her missions.

As the game progresses, Twilight and Nightfall face the Boric Brothers, who join the match after injecting themselves with drugs to perform better.

Nightfall forgot to tell Twilight that the Campbelldon tournament allows the use of drugs, custom rackets, equipment, and foul play to win the game.

The Boric Brothers try to break the couple’s spirit by bullying them prior to the match. Nightfall takes revenge on them by absolutely decimating them during the game.

Nightfall and Twilight eventually manage to reach the finals, where they will face Campbell’s kids, Carrol and Kim.

Before the final match could begin, Nightfall and Twilight are invited to rest in a room. While Nightfall wonders if she has left an impression on Twilight, he, on the other hand, makes sure that she is not crossing her limits to complete this mission.

Soon, they smell a non-lethal chemical agent released into their room’s air intended to make them dizzy. Twilight and Nightfall quickly identify the gas and hold their breaths.

To avoid being suspicious, they act as if they fell for that gas. Twilight and Nightfall lose the first set as the Campbell siblings make full use of their modified rackets.

Once the first set was over, Nightfall and Twilight got back to their game and gave a tough fight to the Campbell siblings.

Carrol realized that they are losing and signaled one of his men to use the traps laid on the tennis court. Nightfall got caught in one of them. Somewhere, Nightfall and Twilight know that the odds are against them, but neither one of them is ready to lose the match.

Amidst all of this, Yor continued to wonder what Loid/Twilight is up to at the tournament and if he is hanging out with Fiona.


  • The dynamic of Nightfall and Twilight surprisingly does work great together. With Yor in the picture, it felt hard to root for Nightfall. Still, she has some traits of her own that would make her likable.
  • Overall, the episode doesn’t seem much important. The Campbell arc is more likely built to get the viewers familiar with the relationship between Nightfall and Twilight.
  • Apart from that, the episode is filled with minor and forgettable characters the duo of Twilight and Nightfall face during the tournament. All the main action might start in the next episode.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 22
Spy x Family season 1 episode 22 recap & review 1

Director: Takahiro Harada

Date Created: 2022-12-03 21:00

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