Spy x Family season 1 episode 21 recap & review

The twenty-first episode of Spy x Family sees a WISE agent, in love with Loid, visiting the Forger household. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Slyvia hands over the documents for a new mission to Fiona Frost, also known as Agent Nightfall. Slyvia wants Fiona and Loid to work on this mission together and to make sure that it doesn’t hinder Operation Strix.

Fiona is quite interested in Loid Forger. She constantly wonders how she can join Operation Strix and be by Loid’s side. She really wants to replace Yor as his wife. Slyvia commands her not to get any ideas and complicate things.

Back at the Forger household, Yor continues to struggle when it comes to cooking. Loid often takes over after her failed attempts.

Fiona knocks on their door and comes face to face with Yor. The former introduces herself as Loid’s colleague from the hospital. She came to deliver the magnifying glass Anya forgot the other day.

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Yor welcomes her in. While she admires her beauty, Fiona, in her mind, plots different ways to dethrone her from the position of Loid’s wife. She interrogates Yor, and before Fiona could reveal some heartbreaking details, Loid, Anya, and Bond arrive.

Loid and Fiona conversate in a code language. Anya reads their minds and identifies Fiona as another agent. Initially, she suspects that Fiona and Loid don’t like each other until Fiona’s feelings reveal that she is in love with him.

After reading Fiona’s mind, Anya realizes that she is hell-bent on replacing her mother. Yor, on the other hand, overthinks what Fiona was about to say when Loid walked in.

She wonders if he is having a hard time because of her. Anya drops the hot chocolate served to her, and Yor immediately comes to clean up the mess Anya has made.

During this debacle, Anya continues to read Fiona’s mind and soon learns that she plans to be strict with Anya if she gets a chance to take over the position of Loid’s wife.

Anya hugs her mother and expresses that she is happy to be a part of this family. Anya’s love for them encourages Yor to declare that she is going to try her best as well.

Loid acknowledges her spirit but clarifies that she is already doing the best she can and he wants nothing more from her.

Fiona likes to believe that Loid is acting and leaves. It’s raining outside, so Loid decides to follow her with an umbrella in his hand. As they meet again, Fiona remembers the mission they are supposed to do together and informs him about the same.

She promises herself that she would be a more compatible wife for him and would prove that during this mission.

On another fine day, Anya and Bond watch one of their favorite cartoons, in which a penguin character dies. Anya is attached to that character. She keeps her penguin toy by her side and sleeps with it at night.

The next day, she discovers the same toy with scratches on it. She suspects Bond and the dog doesn’t hide that he did try to tear the toy. Anya breaks Bond’s heart by stating that she hates him.

Yor tries to fix the toy but fails miserably. Though Loid assures Anya that he will buy her a new one, she confesses that she doesn’t want a new toy.

Loid and Yor work together to sew up the penguin toy. Though the toy still looks damaged, Loid suggests that the toy came from a fight; hence, he looks that way. Loid tells Anya that scars are medals of honor

Bond arrives with a pack of peanuts to apologize to Anya. Loid reminds Anya of what her favorite anime character, Bondman, says. According to Bondman, yesterday’s enemy is today’s ally.

Anya couldn’t agree more; she patches up with Bond and helps him befriend her penguin toy.


  • Fiona Frost is another new addition to the characters that over-analyze a situation. She seems interesting but the viewers need to see her in action and then assess how much she would contribute to the show.
  • The viewers are supposed to dislike Fiona, especially because she is Yor’s rival, but her plot in the episode ends on quite a heartwarming note.
  • The show clearly states where Fiona’s feelings come from and the viewers are able to empathize with her.
  • The second story around Bond and Anya is quick, heartfelt, and one that can be easily skipped. Fiona’s plot mostly overshadows the second one.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 21
Spy x Family season 1 episode 21 recap & review 1

Director: Teruyuki Ōmine

Date Created: 2022-11-26 21:00

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