Spy x Family season 1 episode 20 recap & review

The twentieth episode of Spy x Family sees Anya visiting her father’s workplace for a school assignment. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Anya and the students at the Eden Academy receive a new assignment where they have to choose an occupation they love and write about it. They may approach their parents or even the teachers themselves if they are interested in teaching.

Anya freaks out, knowing that her father is a spy and her mother is an assassin. They both are trying to keep their identities a secret. She wonders how she is going to ask them about it.

Anya heads home and tells her mother, Yor, about the assignment. Yor overthinks the whole situation all over again, and before she could answer, Anya changes her mind and decides to work on her father’s occupation.

Loid gladly agrees to take Anya to his hospital, where he works in the psychiatry department.

Loid gives her notes about the workplace, and Anya, dressed as a detective, reads his mind and writes them down at the most random time.

She meets his colleagues, and eventually, Loid takes her to his consultation room, where he has a hidden passage to escape. Loid asks her not to touch anything and gives her a sandbox and some toys to play with.

He leaves to meet a WISE agent outside who also has infiltrated the hospital. In the meantime, a curious Anya opens the hidden passageway and finds her way down from where she could hear some doctors.

Anya overhears their conversation about the paranormal and unexplained cases. She gets excited and accidentally hits a pipe.

The doctors notice the noise. Anya tries to bail out, but her foot gets stuck near the pipe. She almost begins to cry. The doctors believe there is no floor above them and lose their minds, concluding that it’s a ghost.

Anya frees herself and comes back to the consultation room in time. She quickly messes up the toys Loid gave her before he could arrive.

Loid wanted to see what was going on in Anya’s mind using the toys he had given her. He can judge a person based on the way they arrange them.

Anya had messed it all up, and Loid began to think that she is under a lot of stress. To calm things down, he suggests that he will buy her a spy book on their way home.

He glances at her notes so that he can help her with her assignment, only to realize how hard it is to decipher her handwriting.

On Friday, Anya reads the information she has collected about her father’s occupation at her school. While she suggests that he is a doctor, she also reveals a lot of spy stuff he does.

Loid is summoned to the school a few days later, but he manages to clear things up with his eloquence.

On another fine day, Anya learns about making a code from her favorite TV show. Loid wonders how that will work out, as no one will be able to read it.

Anya creates the code and hands it to some people. One of them is Frankie, who mistakes it for a code from a beautiful woman who might’ve asked Anya to deliver it to him.

He decodes it and waits at the location he is told to. Anya, on the other hand, doesn’t come, as she fails to wake up to the sound of the alarm.


  • The viewers were in for a cut-throat episode if Anya’s research would’ve been taken seriously. At the end of the day, Loid manages to smooth things out.
  • It’s good to see how intricately Loid has planned everything. Even working at the hospital and being close to the people there is an important part of his mission.
  • Lastly, it’s been a while since the viewers have seen Frankie, and though he didn’t have a bigger role, he did give us a laugh toward the end.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 20
Spy x Family season 1 episode 20 recap & review 1

Director: Yukiko Imai

Date Created: 2022-11-19 21:00

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