Spy x Family season 1 episode 19 recap & review

The nineteenth episode of Spy x Family reveals the identity of the man who had hired Daybreak to forge Damian’s midterm exam papers. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Glooman, the director of a pharmaceutical company, worries about the closure of his firm. Glooman’s conversation about the same with one of his colleagues is overheard by his son.

The next day at Eden, the students gather to clean the school’s campus. Since passing mid-terms with great numbers and receiving a Stella, Damian has become a favorite among them.

Many of the female students want to group study with him at his residence. Anya aims to grab this opportunity to pay a visit to his house and form a relationship that will eventually see her father meet Damian’s father.

While many of the students were celebrating Damian, Glooman’s son, George Glooman, wasn’t. Anya read his mind as he walked towards Damian to confront him.

Turns out, George was the one who had hired Daybreak to forge Damian’s exam papers. George’s attempts to get Damian expelled continued.

This time, he accused Damian of smoking. When Damian tried to stop him, he put on an act, suggesting that Damian hit him.

The teacher around them arrived to figure out the situation. Damian found himself in a mess, but Anya defended him, and her mere presence was enough for the teacher to back out.

Though Anya saved Damian to protect her father’s mission, Becky believed she did it out of love.

Damian then moved on to question George, who immediately started crying. He confessed how Damian’s father is running Glooman out of business.

He wanted to distract Damian’s father from Glooman by getting him expelled. George further stated that he will have to quit the school and that his dream of experiencing youth here will be crushed.

The students sympathized with him and spent the entire day fulfilling all of his wishes. At the end of the day, they gave him gifts and a heartwarming farewell.

Back home, Anya told her parents about it, and Loid revealed that Glooman Pharmaceutical is being bought by Desmond; it isn’t going bankrupt.

Even George discovered the same and felt ashamed to go back to school the next day.

On another fine day, Anya forgets her gym class uniform. Yor overthinks the whole situation of how Anya will be expelled just for forgetting a uniform.

She sacrifices her relaxed afternoon and runs towards the school and starts looking for Anya. Loid, who is also keeping an eye on Anya, notices Yor running around on the school’s campus.

He wonders if she is following him around. Yor eventually runs into Anya, only to find out that there is no gym class today.

She heads back home after wasting her time, and Loid approaches her to question what she is doing here.

Loid has a reason of his own for being there. When Yor claims to be a failure as a mother, Loid sees his mission going down and cheers her up by taking her to lunch.


  • George Glooman is quite a funny addition if he is going to appear again. At first, he may come off as an evil mastermind but in seconds he melts down like anything.
  • Anya took a backseat this time around in favor of George’s story, which was a bit predictable, but worth the ride.
  • The episode also hints that Anya will be soon visiting Damian’s residence and would be crossing paths with his father.
  • The second plot lets Yor shine and her overthinking is something that doesn’t even come out as over the top. It’s just plain funny and amusing.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 19
Spy x Family season 1 episode 19 recap & review 1

Director: Hidekazu Hara

Date Created: 2022-11-12 21:00

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