Slow Horses season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Drinking Games

The third episode of ‘Slow Horses’ season 2 sees River going undercover to flush out a cicada and Slough House losing one of its agents. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Piotr has brought Min to their place, not to interrogate him but to enjoy a drink with him. Piotr and Kyril understand Min’s concerns, as they work as security as well.

Someone walks inside. Piotr and Kyril don’t reveal who it is. The drinking session ends with Min not even being able to stand on his feet properly. Though Piotr suggests that he should take a cab, Min opts to cycle his way back.

The next day, Lamb receives a call informing him that one of his agents is dead. Lamb and Catherine visit the site they are called upon and learn that Min was caught in a car accident.

Lamb suspects there is more to this story and retrieves Min’s smartwatch. He later hands it to Roddy to check on where Min has been.

Louisa is left heartbroken, but she holds herself together. She lets Lamb know that she wants to continue doing Webb’s job. Marcus replaces Min and joins Louisa. Arkady Pashkin meets them and is quite satisfied with their work.

Meanwhile, River, under his new identity of Jonathan Walker, checks into a local pub. He claims that he is working for The Times and is writing an article on village life here in Upshott.

River befriends the pub owner, Kelly, who is warm and welcoming. She volunteers to spare some time and introduce him to the town. River finds out that she can fly a plane, and in fact, the Upshott Flying Club over here is owned by her father, Duncan.

After arriving at the club, River tricks Kelly and takes some time out to capture images of everything inside the office of the flying club. He is asked to lock his phone, wallet, and keys inside a locker before boarding the plane.

River memorizes how he kept his belongings inside the locker in case someone goes through them while he is on the plane with Kelly. While they were up in the air, he noticed that Kelly’s father, Duncan, came by the office.

When River opened the locker to recollect his belongings, he sees them misplaced, which suggests that Duncan went through them. River informs Lamb about everything he has discovered so far. Lamb advises him to be careful, as these cicadas can be dangerous.

Back at the Slough House, Roddy tracks Andrei Schernitsky’s phone in Estonia, and Shirley, after going through hours of airport footage, spots Schernitsky in one of the videos.

Turns out, Andrei never boarded a plane, and he threw his phone inside the bag of an indie folk band. That band is now playing live in Estonia. Chernitsky isn’t in Estonia; he is here somewhere.

River is invited to Kelly’s, where he meets a confronting Duncan. Soon, Catherine calls River to inform him that Andrei never left the country.

Moments later, Duncan’s friend arrives at Kelly’s house. Duncan’s friend is introduced to River as Leo, and he is none other than Andrei Schernitsky.

Amidst all of this, Lamb chases Rebecca, the woman whose car crashed into Min’s bicycle. He finds her to be shady and digs for information on her. Upon confronting her, she spills out that she wasn’t the one driving the car, and the car accident didn’t kill Min.

Lastly, Taverner is forced to join Peter Judd, who will be giving his speech at a location where an anti-capitalist march is taking place.


  • ‘Slow Horses’ has just leveled up the subplot involving Louisa, which until now felt like filler. The cost was losing a beloved main cast member in the form of Dustin Demri-Burns as Min Harper.
  • The episode is slow on the cicada situation at the moment. After two episodes dedicated to the same, it’s acceptable to see the show shed more light on the sub-plots.
  • The show beautifully captures the village of Upshott. Though the cicada case is the main focus, you can’t help but notice the way of living here.
Slow Horses season 2 episode 3
Slow Horses season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Drinking Games 1

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