She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Whose Show is This?

The season finale of She-Hulk sees Jen aim to find out who is behind Intelligencia and embarrassed her in front of the world. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


An old-school title sequence plays akin to the classic Incredible Hulk television series, but for Jen. It explains her situation and all the events that led to this point before Jen wakes up in the same detention chamber Blonsky was kept in.

Mallory, Nikki and Pug walk in to talk to her. Jen wants to go after the people who humiliated her but Mallory reminds her that she’s a Hulk who lost control in public which means she’s a threat. She’s forced to accept a plea deal stating that she can never turn into She-Hulk ever again.

Her life continues in a downward spiral as she loses her job and moves back into her parents’ house. She digs into Intelligencia with Nikki’s help but cannot find much. Nikki posts an old funny video of Jen that her mother shares to win over the people from Intelligencia.

The admin, Hulkking, is impressed and invites her to a public event that night but assumes it’s a man. Nikki asks for Pug’s help in this situation.

Jen is struggling to come to terms with her situation and tries to reach out to Bruce for advice. When the message doesn’t go through, she reaches out to Emil but she gets a similar result so she decides to visit the retreat and speak to him directly.

Nikki and Pug arrive at the venue and she sends Pug in and assures him that they’ll stay connected on the phone so he doesn’t need to worry. Jen arrives at the retreat and is welcomed by Wrecker who sets her up in the guest room.

Pug mingles with the people at the event and runs into Todd Phelps. He learns that Todd Phelps is the creator of Intelligencia and the main person behind everything. A while later he asks everyone to settle down as he welcomes the event’s guest speaker, the Abomination.

Emil walks in as the Abomination and begins his motivational speech. Jen can’t sleep and asks Wrecker where Emil is. He tells her that he’s at an event in the hall nearby so she goes there. She enters and is shocked to see him in as the Abomination.

Nikki walks in and together with Pug, clues in Jen on the fact that it’s an Intelligencia meeting and Todd is the man responsible. Todd then reveals that he had her blood taken and synthesized into a serum which can give him powers.

All hell breaks loose as Todd becomes a Hulk, Titania crashes the party, and Bruce shows up too. Jen stops everything in its tracks and asks the audience if this is what they want. A menu screen interrupts her and she continues the meta setpiece to go into a Marvel documentary.

She’s walking around a studio in She-Hulk form and enters the writers’ room. She asks them why they’re going with such a basic and unoriginal plot for the finale and they tell her that it’s Kevin’s decision, referring to Kevin Feige.

She insists on meeting Kevin and goes to his office, only to find that Kevin is actually an acronym for an AI that stands for Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus. She has a conversation with K.E.V.I.N about the tried and tested MCU tropes and how she wants to move away from them.

After changing the plot according to what she wants, she’s sent back into the show where the police are arresting a still human Todd, and Emil Blonsky is going back to jail for breaking his parole agreement. Even Matt Murdock/ Daredevil arrives to wrap things up in a bow.

He’s seen having dinner with Jen and her family as they are interrupted by Bruce and his son, Skaar. Jen is next seen going to court to fight her case against Todd as she tells the press that going forward, she’ll be fighting the bad guys as a lawyer and as a superhero.

In a post-credits scene, Wong opens a portal into Emil’s cell and breaks him out once again.


  • The season finale of She-Hulk truly takes the “meta” concept and runs with it to great lengths. Jen derails the entire episode with her fourth well break to quite literally rewrite the ending of the series.
  • While the idea is definitely unique and interesting, the execution is not the best and does feel a little too tryhard from the writers. They justifiably criticise the MCU’s formulaic approach to finales but as a consequence, the episode feels rushed by the end.
  • Anyone watching with the subtitles on has a key twist spoiled for them. The fact that Kevin is an AI software is hinted at when one of the writers mentions the name and it appears as an acronym, ruining the surprise.
She-Hulk season 1 episode 9
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