She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Ribbit and Rip it

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+ chronicles the life of Jennifer Walters. A lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner, she transforms into a gigantic green superhero herself after Bruce’s blood comes into contact with her.


Eugene Patilio who moonlights as the hero “Leapfrog” takes a case to Jen about the faulty costume that was made for him. Jen says that he’s got a case but when he says that it’s against Luke Jacobson, Jen tries to get out of it.

She doesn’t want to jeopardise her own relationship with Luke since he’s still making her dress for the upcoming gala she has to attend. Holden tells her that she can try to come to some agreement with Luke to avoid taking things to trial.

Jen visits Luke to try and talk things out but he is appalled by the fact that she even considered the idea that his work was faulty and kicks her out, stating that he’s dropping her as a client. Jen gets angry and says she’ll bring him down in court.

The day of the court proceedings arrives and Luke is by himself. When the judge asks him where his lawyer is, Matt Murdock walks in and says he’s representing Luke.

Matt appears to have the upper hand with his arguments when Eugene admits that he used jet fuel in his rocket boots which was not the recommended fuel in Luke’s instructions. With this admission, Jen and Eugene lose the case.

Matt meets Jen at the bar later that evening and the two of them get along quite well. Matt gets a call and says that he has to leave just as Jen asks him if he wants to get another drink with her.

Jen gets a message from Todd Phelps, the creepy rich guy she went on a date with. He says that he has a legal issue to deal with but he just wanted to hit on her and she leaves in disgust.

As soon as Jen gets home, she gets a call from Eugene who tells her that he’s being attacked by someone and is headed to his hideout. Jen sees that he’s close by and tells him to hold tight.

Jen cuts off Eugene’s car and the man attacking it, who turns out to be Daredevil. Jen and Daredevil duke it out and Daredevil thwarts all of Jen’s attacks until she uses the thunderclap and he’s knocked down.

She removes his mask and realizes that it’s Matt Murdock. Matt tells her that Eugene has kidnapped Luke which is why he was chasing her client. They decide to work together and head to Leapfrog’s hideout.

They arrive there and Matt takes the lead since he has more experience with “hero business” as they banter with each other. Together, they take down all the goons and Eugene is eventually arrested. Luke forgives Jen because she saved him and agrees to make her dress.

Matt and Jen end up spending the night together as they act on the chemistry they clearly have. Matt makes the walk of shame the next morning in his Daredevil suit as Nikki walks into Jen’s apartment to get her ready for the gala.

Jen makes her grand entrance as She-Hulk at the gala and is slightly thrown by the fact that the award for the best female lawyer is given to multiple women together. When it’s her turn to talk, a disguised voice cuts her off and threatens to reveal her true identity.

The screen behind her is suddenly filled with the contents of Jen’s phone as the two people in masks claim to be part of the Intelligencia group who believe She-Hulk stole her powers from the Hulk and isn’t deserving of them.

They also call her a slut as a video begins playing of her sleeping with Josh. Jen is engulfed by rage as she smashes the screen and panic spreads through the audience.

Jen spots the culprits in masks and goes after them, grabbing one of them outside. She’s forced to let him go when she’s approached by authorities pointing their weapons at her as she slowly begins to realise the situation she’s in.


  • The stage is perfectly set for the finale as the motivations of the villains are revealed to be on brand with the message of the series. This isn’t a simple case of villains hating She-Hulk because she’s a superhero.
  • It’s actually a group of toxic, sexist men who hate her simply because she’s a woman who makes them feel insecure about their own manhood. Jen went through this even before she got her powers but now it’s dialled up to eleven.
  • Matt Murdock makes his much-awaited appearance and while the light-hearted portrayal goes against that of the established character, it’s still a pleasure to see the series draw upon their connection in the comics, seeing as they’re both lawyers by profession.
  • The fact that Jen lost the case because of the stupidity of her own client did make her look a little incompetent and strayed from the message that this is supposed to be a lawyer show first.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 8
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Ribbit and Rip it 1

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