Shantaram season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Like in the Time of Cholera

The eighth episode of Shantaram sees Lin arranging a deal between Khader Khan and the people of Sagar Wada. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Lying inside his house, Lin dreams of meeting a woman named Gemma for the first time and wakes up to see Karla taking care of him. After saving everyone at Sagar Wada, Lin himself caught cholera.

Karla spent the night alongside him during heavy rains and aided him. Lin eventually got to his senses and questioned Karla if she felt guilty for taking him to Zhou. She claims that she came looking for salvation.

Lin learns about Karla’s friend Ahmed and how he died. He, in turn, disclosed how, because of him, Sagar Wada caught fire and a boy lost his mother. That boy, as in Ravi, overheard their conversation, and his hatred for Lin grew.

Lin further expressed his love for Karla. Even Karla admitted that she in fact likes him, but she believes that this is another reason why Lin should leave Bombay as soon as he can.

The next day, Lin wakes up and comes out after three long days. The people of Sagar Wada celebrate his return. Prabhu breaks the news to him that Parvati’s mother has allowed him to date Parvati.

Everyone is happy except Ravi. He abused Lin from the back and tried to tell Prabhu the truth.

Prabhu believes that without Lin, they wouldn’t have survived, and Parvati’s parents would have never agreed to let him marry her. He advised Ravi not to spread lies about Lin.

The water arrives for Sagar Wada only for Walid Shah’s men, led by Rafiq, to intervene and announce that no deals would be made with Khader Khan from here on.

The people of Sagar Wada tried to fight but got beaten up for doing so. Qasim blamed Lin for bringing the mafia onto their doorsteps.

Only Prabhu stood by Lin, stating that he shouldn’t feel guilty for bringing clean water to Sagar Wada and for saving them.

Lin paid Khader Khan a visit and got to know about the plan the latter has for Sagar Wada. Khader Khan used Lin as a key to the jhopadpatti against Walid Shah.

Lin gave up being the middleman and asked Khader Khan to talk to the people of Sagar Wada if he wants something from them.

Khader Khan agreed and met Qasim. He clarified that they would definitely lose their homes if they allow him to take over Sagar Wada. Until then, he will aid them in every way possible.

Once the construction begins, he will also help them find new homes.

Qasim accepted the deal. The next day, Khader Khan’s men join the people of Sagar Wada to fight Walid Shah’s goons. During the fight, Ravi tried to hit Lin but accidentally attacked Abdullah.

Later, when the Sagar Wada celebrated its victory, Abdullah talked things out with Ravi and explained to him why Lin is important.

Back at Zhou’s palace, Karla visited Sunita and tried to convince her to call Minister Pandey. Zhou suggested that Karla should make Sunita realize how she will lose her love in order to get her to do things.

Karla gave Sunita all the valid reasons why family and career are more important to Pandey than her. Karla promises not to hurt Pandey and asks her to invite him to Zhou’s palace if she feels he really loves her.

Meanwhile, Modena collected money from Raheem. A disappointed Modena left Lisa, as she claimed that she only played her part in the deal.

Lisa came back to Karla, who gave her the key to her house and suggested that her door is always open for her.

Maurizio was now afraid to sell drugs, as Abdullah had confronted him. He planned to sell the rest of them at a low price and leave Bombay once and for all.

Maurizio and Modena managed to get rid of the drugs, but the former wasn’t ready to take Lisa along. Modena still loved Lisa. He stole all the cash and left without telling Maurizio.

Amidst all of this, Kavita and Nishant spend a whole day looking into Interpol’s red notices, searching for Lin’s name there.


  • The episode suggests how important Qasim is to Sagar Wada and how someone like Lin could never lead a place like this.
  • Lin continues to be annoying as he fails to understand that he is not responsible for certain things.
  • Qasim is undoubtedly a strong character and it’s intriguing to see how he is able to stand up against Khader Khan.
  • Khader Khan, on the other hand, has finally played his part in gaining the trust of Sagar Wada. The question remains how Walid Shah will react. Shah has appeared a lot less but the character’s presence is quite scary and worth looking forward to.
Shantaram season 1 episode 8
Shantaram season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Like in the Time of Cholera 1

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