Shantaram season 1 episode 12 recap & review: All the Way From There Just to Get to Here

The finale of ‘Shantaram’ sees Lin attempting to save himself, Karla, and Lisa in a city that has now become a war zone. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After escaping Officer Nightingale, Lin and Prabhu head to Karla’s place. They run into Abdullah, who has just discovered an injured Modena there.

Lin wants Modena to live, as he is the only one who can tell them where Karla and Lisa are. Kavita’s report about Walid Shah and Zhou’s business gets printed on the first page of the Bombay National Newspaper.

The paper circulates, and tensions rise on the streets. Abdullah certainly can’t stay at the hospital with Lin and Modena. He leaves to protect Khader Khan and his people.

Walid Shah orders Rafiq to keep the pressure on Khader Khan and to also take care of Nishant Patel, who is responsible for writing this report. They are definitely winning this war, as the other gangsters in Bombay don’t want to interfere.

It turns out that Nishant has not given credit to Kavita on paper in order to protect her from the gangsters. A furious Kavita barges into his office and calls him a thief, wasting no time in breaking up with him.

Moments later, a kid walks in, claiming that he has a parcel for Nishant. He removes a gun from the box upon meeting the reporter and calls this a gift from Walid Shah. The kid proceeds to shoot Nishant twice before escaping from the office.

Meanwhile, Modena informs Lin where he has kept Maurizio and Zhou’s money.

Lin plans to use that money to crack a deal with Zhou. Didier insists that he should take a gun along with him, but Lin, as usual, declines. Prabhu knows that they are on a dangerous path and asks Didier to put the gun inside their bag without Lin’s knowledge.

Khader Khan retrieves information on Walid Shah from Officer Sanjay. Abdullah assesses that Shah’s men are all over the city, which means Shah is alone at his nightclub.

Abdullah pitches an idea to target Shah at his nightclub the old-school way. Shah won’t be expecting it, as he believes that Khader Khan is on the run.

Officer Sanjay heads to Shah’s nightclub and explains Khader Khan’s plan to him. He advises Shah to ambush Khader Khan while he is on his way here.

Meanwhile, Lin makes it inside Zhou’s palace, which is now surrounded by people who have read Kavita’s report and want to take Zhou down.

When Zhou claims that she doesn’t care about the money, Maurizio takes matters into his own hands and grabs a gun to point it at everyone. He forces Lin to take him to where his money is.

Karla and Lisa, who have managed to escape Zhou’s room, intervene. A struggle breaks out. Lisa exacts revenge on Modena by shooting Maurizio down.

Karla desires to kill Zhou right there, but Lin assures her that the people outside will take good care of her.

The trio escapes the palace and finds Prabhu and his taxi missing. Instead, they see Officer Nightingale in the crowd, leaving them no choice but to take another route.

They go to Didier’s, where Prabhu later arrives with Maurizio’s money. Karla hands the money to Lisa, who is opting to go see Modena at the hospital first. When she arrives at the hospital, she learns that he has already left.

Amidst all of this, Khader Khan’s car and Walid Shah’s car come face to face. The police cars intervene before a war could ensue.

Officers led by Sanjay emerge to support Khader Khan. Shah realizes that he has been betrayed, and soon gunshots rain on him. Rafiq dies during the shootout. Shah later gets killed by Abdullah, who has disguised himself as a cop.

Karla and Lin reconcile at the former’s house and spend the night together. The next day, she decides to meet Khader Khan and resolve their differences before leaving. In the process, she also seeks to bring Lin’s passport back from him.

Lisa knocks on their door and reveals that Modena has run away somewhere she doesn’t know. Also, she won’t be going anywhere without him.

Karla meets Khader Khan and expresses what she desires. She also details him about Officer Nightingale, who is hunting Lin down. Khader Khan allows her to go with Lin and assures her that no one will question them at the station.

Kavita carried a grudge against Karla. She believed that Karla offered her this story, which came at the cost of her boyfriend’s life, just so that she can live with Lin.

She went back to Nightingale and informed him about Karla. Officer Nightingale visited Karla’s place while she was at Khader’s. Nightingale chased Lin down, but the latter managed to escape.

Nightingale wasn’t ready to let go of Lin that easily. He caught Prabhu, who came with his taxi the next day to pick up Lin at Karla’s.

Lin, on the other hand, made his way to the station, where Karla waited for him. Before he could meet her, a group of police officers kidnapped Lin and took him away, making the best use of the crowd at the station.

An inspector entered a dark room to meet a tied-up Lin. He claimed that someone wants Lin to suffer. Lin faced the same beating he did at the Pentridge Prison, while Karla left Bombay all on her own.


  • The finale lived up to the buildup that was created in the past few episodes. The twelfth episode is action-packed, accompanied by emotional reunions and send-offs.
  • The series stays true to its belief, which suggests honesty can’t be bought, and this notion is what led Khader Khan to win the Battle of Bombay. Inspector Sanjay might be corrupt, but he is loyal to Khader Khan. These details should be appreciated for sure.
  • Though Karla and Lin’s union is something every other viewer was rooting for, it ended on quite a sad note. The show departs with a mystery surrounding the person responsible for making sure that Lin gets caught.
  • Lastly, the finale has given a good closure to each and every character who is part of Shantaram’s universe. Still, the show claims that the story isn’t over yet, and it definitely has left some questions unanswered.
Shantaram season 1 episode 12
Shantaram season 1 episode 12 recap & review: All the Way From There Just to Get to Here 1

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