Shantaram season 1 episode 11 recap & review: Banquet of Consequences

In the eleventh episode of ‘Shantaram’, a war in Bombay begins with Walid Shah getting wind of Kavita’s news report. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Parvati expresses her concern for Prabhu. She is not happy with him sacrificing his life for Lin, who always finds a way to get himself in trouble.

Lin arrives at Sagar Wada and admits that Prabhu was right. He shouldn’t have hunted Maurizio down. Now he knows that Khader Khan, Abdullah, Karla, and everyone else were lying to him, except Prabhu.

Padma reports to Madame Zhou that she followed Karla to the reporter. Zhou assesses that Karla won’t make a move without Khader Khan’s permission. She believes that Khader Khan is laying a trap for Walid Shah and plans to alert Shah.

Kavita continues her attempts to get more details on her story by confronting Minister Pandey.

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Khader Khan criticizes Karla for taking such a desperate measure. He asks her to reconsider, but Karla stays firm on her decision. Khader Khan, in a fit of rage, pours out his frustration on her and mentions her father’s suicide, leaving her in tears.

Khader Khan has Lin’s passport, which Didier was supposed to deliver to him. Khader Khan controls the book market. He blackmails Lin and asks him to convince Karla to change her mind. Lin rejects the offer and claims that he will find his own way.

Lin drops by Karla. They bicker over their situation. Karla makes one last plea to him to stay, and if he doesn’t, everything she has done for him would go to waste. Lin leaves without giving her an answer.

Inspector Chavan apprehends Didier Levy to question him about Lin. Didier won’t utter a single word regarding Lin’s whereabouts. Eventually, a cop brings news that Lin is staying at Sagar Wada.

They let Didier go free. Two undercover cops keep an eye on him. Didier takes a bathroom break at Reynaldo’s to escape sneakily.

Meanwhile, Zhou informs Walid Shah about Khader Khan’s attempt to destroy him using a journalist’s story. Walid Shah prepares his men and asks them to kill Khader Khan and his puppets one by one.

Minister Pandey faces the first wave of Shah’s attack for betraying him. They come for Khader Khan and Abdullah as well, but Abdullah manages to shoot them down.

Similarly, Qasim and the men at Sagar Wada also face the wrath of Walid Shah, with Qasim getting severely injured.

Didier makes his way to Sagar Wada to give Lin a heads-up about Officer Nightingale and Inspector Chavan. Though Lin is supposed to leave as quickly as he can, he stays to make sure Qasim survives.

Officer Nightingale and Chavan storm into Sagar Wada. Prabhu tries his best to stall them, but Ravi sells Lin out because he wants Lin to be punished for not saving his mother.

Lin saves Qasim in time and comes face-to-face with Nightingale right outside Qasim’s house. The cops chase him. Prabhu punctures the tires of their cars and picks Lin up on the way in his taxi. Nightingale makes sure to write down Prabhu’s taxi number.

Amidst all of this, Shah’s attacks continue. Maurizio and Padma invade Karla’s house after waiting around for Modena to come. They circle all of them and question Modena about the money.

When Modena denies revealing the location of their money, Maurizio wastes no time in shooting him down. They abduct Karla and Lisa and take them away to Zhou.

Abdullah tries to contact Karla, but no one picks up the call at her house. Khader Khan senses danger and orders Abdullah to bring Karla to him. He doesn’t care that Karla is responsible for this war; they still love her no matter what.


  • The eleventh episode carries a dark, intense, and threatening feel that lingers all around. It subtly hints that everything is falling apart and that anyone could die anytime now.
  • For the very first time, the viewers get to see a furious Khader Khan. The character is more known for his calm demeanor, but Alexander Siddig’s performance proves that no one would like an angry Khader Khan around them.
  • Modena’s death suggests that the creators are trying to play it safe by not sacrificing a more important character. It would’ve hurt the finale or even the fans who have grown to love them.
  • The finale carries a lot of responsibility, with the likes of Khader Khan, Walid Shah, and Zhou going up against each other. In the mix, the viewers will see Lin trying to save Karla and Lisa while Officer Nightingale hunts him down.
Shantaram season 1 episode 11
Shantaram season 1 episode 11 recap & review: Banquet of Consequences 1

Director: Iain B. MacDonald

Date Created: 2022-12-09 00:00

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