Shantaram season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Dig Two Graves

In the tenth episode of Shantaram, Lin tries to figure out who is trying to kill him while Officer Nightingale comes looking for him in Bombay. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A flashback scene sees Lin defending himself, as everyone at Pentridge Prison believes that he is a dog after the conversation Lin had with Nightingale. Lin’s attempt to convince the other prisoners results in a fight.

Back to the present, Didier offers his house’s keys to Lin. He asks him to stay put until they dig deep into who Raheem is and what he wants. Lin suggests Didier contact Abdullah, as he might be helpful.

Prabhu makes some connections and locates Raheem. Didier brings Abdullah and information on Raheem to Lin, who gets furious upon learning that Maurizio has set him up.

Lin and Abdullah, along with Prabhu, visit the hotel Raheem is at. They beat Raheem and his men down and clarify that Maurizio has lied to him.

Raheem is left terrified upon hearing Khader Khan’s name. He offers Maurizo in exchange for a safe way back home.

Before Lin could reach Maurizio’s location, he had managed to flee by killing one of Raheem’s men who was keeping an eye on him. All Lin could find there is Lisa and Modena’s passports.

Meanwhile, Karla informed Lisa about the story against Walid Shah and Madame Zhou. The one she has offered to Kavita to make sure that Lin stays here in Bombay.

Giving up Zhou and Walid Shah means Karla can’t stay here anymore. Lisa agreed that they should leave. To put Zhou through hell, Lisa was even ready to talk to Kavita.

They cooked up a fine story against Shah and Zhou. Kavita accepted their deal. Once she left, Abdullah arrived to deliver the money for Sunita.

Karla asked him to get Lisa and Modena new passports. Abdullah wondered what she is up to but Karla didn’t dare to open up.

Karla later visited Zhou’s palace to meet Sunita. She offered her two lakhs, which will allow her to start a new life. The price for that is a conversation with Kavita about Pandey and how he used her.

Maurizio was present during Karla’s visit. After hearing from Zhou that she works for Khader Khan, he realized that it was Karla who told Abdullah about his brown sugar deals, not Lin.

Lin, on his side, made his way to Karla’s doorstep but found Lisa there. Lisa came clean on why Maurizio took their passports. Lin planned on using her to lure Maurizio in.

He succeeded in doing so. He was taken aback when Maurizio informed him that Karla works for Khader Khan.

The next time Lin met Karla, he confronted her and asked her to stay away from him. He was glad that he is finally leaving.

Amidst all of this, Kavita met Officer Nightingale. He came all the way from Australia to hunt Lin down. With a better story in her hands, Kavita confessed that Lin caught wind of her story and escaped.

Officer Nightingale knew she is hiding something, but he didn’t have any permission to force his way out. Officer Nightingale had thought that the Bombay police will aid him, but he soon realized that he is on his own when it comes to hunting Lin.


  • The tenth episode is probably the most action-packed one so far in the series. It moves fast and a number of developments take place for each and every subplot.
  • Shantaram should’ve picked up this pace in the past two episodes, but it’s still acceptable. The viewers are now quite familiar with the characters and they will care about their fate.
  • Nightingale’s arrival is quite anticipated but the show slowed it down so that his presence can be used in the last two episodes.
  • The show anyway has built a number of conflicts for the finale with Zhou’s threats to Karla, Kavita’s report, and Lin leaving Karla altogether. So far, it promises that stakes are high and there is a lot on the line.
Shantaram season 1 episode 10
Shantaram season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Dig Two Graves 1

Director: Iain B. MacDonald

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