Severance season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Hide and Seek

Apple TV+’s ‘Severance’ revolves around a company called Lumon Industries in New York City where a “severance” programme is put in place. It is used to surgically divide memories of employees between their work and personal lives, however, when a mysterious worker shows up outside of work, the employees start figuring out the truth about their jobs.


“Hide and Seek” opens with some information about Harmony Cobel aka Mrs. Selvig. She is shown worshipping a shrine to Kier Eagan in her house that proves her devotion to the founding family’s philosophy.

She gets a call from Mr. Graner who tells her that Petey’s severance chip was manipulated by a former Lumon employee named Regabhi. Harmony is visibly affected by this news and orders Mr. Graner to look for the said employee.

Next day, Mark gets rid of Petey’s phone before heading to work to avoid being suspected. Meanwhile, Irving and Burt continue to bond but Irving admits that he is not ready to make their relationship romantic.

On the contrary, Helly seems cheerful after her interaction with Mark about recreating the map to figure out Lumon’s secrets. Mark then discovers that Ms. Casey was punished in the Break Room for not being able to monitor him and Helly successfully.

Harmony summons Mark and takes him to task for not being able to control his team and prevents interactions with any department until they meet their targets.

This annoys Mark who has a talk with the MDR team and they agree to discuss things with O&D. Mark asks Irving to escort MDR to O&D’s back room and makes a speech asking for the departments to work together and understand the secret inner workings at Lumon.

This new collaboration is interrupted by Seth Milchik who escorts Mark to the Break Room for rupturing protocol. Milchik later also wakes up Dylan’s innie at his outie’s home to try and locate an infographic card he stole from Lumon. However, this causes Dylan’s innie to discover that he has a son.

Elsewhere, Mark’s sister Devon runs into Gabby Arteta, the wife of Angelo Arteta — a senator who is in favour of the severance process at Lumon. Devon had met Gabby at the birthing lodge during her delivery but the latter fails to recognise her. This leads to Harmony later spying on Devon and Ricken by pretending to be a lactation expert.

After work, Mark goes on a second date with Devon’s midwife, Alexa, and the two attend a concert featuring Petey’s daughter’s punk-rock band. The episode ends with Mark deciding to retrieve Petey’s mobile phone.

He answers the mysterious caller and decides to meet with them at the school where he used to teach before joining Lumon. It is finally revealed that the mysterious caller is a woman who is none other than the ex-employee responsible for reversing Petey’s severance, Regabhi.


  • Hide and Seek continues the show’s routine of revealing a lot of things and presenting even more questions.
  • Aoife McArdle directs this episode as well and continues to strike the right suspense chords.
  • The lines between outies and innies are starting to blur and that has amped up the excitement factor.
  • The probability of love and other strong emotions being able to bypass severance seems like an interesting one, although with such an intriguing premise, the answer being love will feel like a let down.

Rating: 3.5/5

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