Servant season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Neighbors

In the fifth episode of Servant season 4, Dorothy and Sean host a party at their house, hoping that the Church of the Lesser Saints members will show up to take Leanne away. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Dorothy has finally started accepting Sean after he confessed that he is ready to get rid of Leanne. She shows trust in him and allows him to pick her up and help her sit in a wheelchair.

Dorothy looks forward to making use of the mechanism that will help her get down the stairs. Leanne does intervene, showing her concern, but Sean dismisses her by stating that they have got this.

After successfully coming downstairs, Dorothy sees a letter that has been pushed into their door. She moves herself to retrieve it, and in the process, she hurts herself.

Dorothy and Sean later read this letter in private, which is from the Church of the Lesser Saints. They have laid claim to a nearby sanctuary. They want Leanne back and are asking for an opportunity to take her this Thursday after dark.

Dorothy sees this as their own opportunity too. Some of the new neighbors are members of the Church of the Lesser Saints, and they have shifted here to take Leanne back.

Dorothy plans to aid them in this, but Sean is a bit worried as these cult members have tried this before and failed miserably. Dorothy believes that they must be prepared this time.

The couple agrees to hold a cocktail party and welcome all the neighbors. Before doing so, they talk to Julian and ask him which side he is on.

Julian is a bit critical about getting rid of Leanne. Sean then tells him about the supernatural abilities she probably possesses. He instructs him to observe her for the next few days. If he doesn’t find anything like that, Julian is free to medicate Sean.

Sean heads out to invite the neighbors. Leanne approaches him, wondering what he is up to. Sean keeps the true purpose of this party away from her.

In the evening, Sean and Dorothy discuss how they will identify the cult members. From her window, Dorothy notices that Leanne is rallying up her homeless followers. Dorothy didn’t know that things have gotten this far. She says this madness should end; Leanne must go.

Leanne continues to inquire about the purpose of this party. Sean claims that this party is only for Dorothy so that she can have some social interaction.

The party begins with all the guests in the house. Sean and Dorothy are quite warm to them, but, at the same time, they question them a lot in order to figure out who the cult members among them are.

Leanne, on the other hand, tells the neighbors about the mistake they’ve made by moving into this neighborhood. Roberta and Beverly keep the neighbors away from Leanne’s disturbing conversation.

Leanne isn’t much worried because her followers have infiltrated these neighbors’ homes. They are looking for things that belong to the church so that they can cross out those who are cult members.

The group soon comes across a picture that they believe belongs to the cult members in one of these houses. Back at the Turner household, a man claiming to be a photography professor approaches Leanne. It turns out that he is only making advances and nothing else.

Dorothy unknowingly saves Leanne from this man. Dorothy gets desperate and instructs Sean to cut the circuit breakers. This way, the lights will go out, and the cult members will be able to kidnap Leanne.

Sean does that while Dorothy distracts the guests. Once the lights are out, Leanne overhears Sean and Dorothy talking about their plan.

The cult members make their move on Leanne, who unleashes her powers. The whole house starts shaking, the floor in the cellar cracks, and a chandelier almost falls on Sean.

Leanne watches the Turners looking at her in terror. She reminds them that they are a family and asks what it will take to make them understand that.

Leanne then heads out to see the massive sinkhole she has created with her powers. Her followers pray to her while the Turners watch all of this in shock.


  • The fifth episode isn’t revealing everything, but Sean and Dorothy’s attempts were enough for Leanne to demonstrate her powers. The show has established how far she can go, and maybe she is more powerful than what has been shown so far, as the show claims.
  • What started out in the fourth episode comes full circle. Leanne has completely turned herself into the villain over here. The show has still left it up to the audience to decide whether they want to support Leanne or the cult she is fighting.
  • Dorothy and Sean’s attempts to create conversations with neighbors is a comic relief that is mostly missing in Servant. It’s fresh and actually fun to acknowledge how bad they are as detectives.
  • Overall, the episode is an entertaining piece, with Dorothy and Sean finally collaborating with the Church of the Lesser Saints, as predicted by Uncle George in the previous episode.
Servant season 4 episode 5
Servant season 4 episode 5 recap & review: Neighbors 1

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