Secret Invasion season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Betrayed

In episode 3 of Secret Invasion, Gravik carries out a plan to find out who the traitor is amongst his people. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Pagon, Beto, and a third warrior head out for an important task as Gravik welcomes the rest of the council to show them what he is working on with Dr. Rosa Dalton. It is a machine that will not only change their appearance but give them powers and turn them into ‘Super Skrulls’.

In 1998, Fury was working with a network of Skrull spies and one of them was Varra who wanted to have a relationship with him. She eventually becomes Priscilla Fury, the woman he is visiting in the present.

After the initial pleasantries, Fury asks her if she’s in contact because he’s still paranoid but she focuses on the fact that she had to deal with the loss of him not only during the Blip but after that too.

Gravik’s plan is to use a British naval submarine to fire on a United Nations flight which would initiate World War 3 and allow the Skrulls to ascend amid the chaos.

He talks to G’iah and expresses his concerns about the mole but she says that it was Brogan who revealed the location of their safehouse during his interrogation.

She then drives him to his meeting with Talos. Talos pleads with him once more to stand down and stop killing innocent humans but there is no changing Garvik’s mind. G’iah uses this chance to share info with Talos.

Fury visits Talos for help and they exchange what they know. Fury calls Sonya to find out who in the British Navy would be responsible for ordering the attack and she gives him a name and address after revealing that she found his surveillance device.

Fury and Talos head all the way to the respective commodore’s house and along the way, they address the tension between them. They infiltrate the house and eventually get to the commodore while at HQ, a disguised Skrull is getting ready to carry out the attack.

They aren’t able to get the abort code from the commodore and Talos eventually kills him. He then calls G’iah to find out what it is and she goes to the human commodore who is in status and shares the code with Talos.

He calls in the abort code and G’iah makes a run for it. She is confronted by Gravik outside and she makes up a reason for heading out after the attack failed. He says that it didn’t fail because it helped him find out who the traitor is, before shooting her.

Priscilla gets a call and leaves her home. She heads to a facility to open up a safe deposit box that has a gun inside. She then receives another call from Pagon giving her a location and time.

She says she wants to talk to Gravik but her request is denied.


  • This world-weary version of Nick Fury is absolutely wonderful. His character’s progression to a paranoid veteran with a mix of arrogance and the fact that he’s clearly lost a step is thoroughly entertaining.
  • This episode is raised by the performances in it and includes Ben Mendelsohn excelling as Talos. He has brilliant exchanges with Gravik as well as Fury and showcases his marvelous range.
  • The scene in the museum between Talos and Gravik is brilliant but it would have been so much more impactful if it wasn’t revealed in the trailer for the series.
  • Emilia Clarke hasn’t been able to truly express herself in this role and if her death is certain, then it can be considered a disappointment.
Secret Invasion season 1 episode 3
Secret Invasion season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Betrayed 1

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