Secret Invasion season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Harvest

Episode 5 of Secret Invasion follows Gravik as he alters his plan once Fury derails his old one and Fury gets ready to fight back and end things definitively. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Fury accompanies President Ritson to the hospital and despite his condition, pleads with Ritson to not trust Rhodey and believe that it wasn’t the Russians behind the attack.

Gravik and his warriors return to New Skrullos where Pagon speaks up about their failed mission and Gravik kills him for insubordination by revealing that he’s got Groot’s powers thanks to the Super Skrull machine.

He contacts Rhodey and tells him to inform the President that it was the Russians in collaboration with the Skrulls. By offering up the location of New Skrullos, Gravik believes he still has a chance to instigate World War III and get what he wants for his people.

Rhodey arrives at the hospital and Fury intercepts before pointing a gun in his face. Rhodey says that he doesn’t have much time because the footage of him killing Maria Hill is going to be released all over the world, making him public enemy number one.

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Sonya Falsworth goes to see her superior at the SIS and discloses that he’s one of the infiltrated Skrulls. She gets Dr. Rosa Dalton’s location from him and heads over to the doctor’s house.

Beto and a few of the other Skrulls attack Gravik because they have become disillusioned but Gravik fights them off quite easily with the help of his powers.

Fury goes to an old Skrull safe house and finds G’iah there. She tells him that Gravik is looking for something called the ‘Harvest’ and he already has the DNA samples of Groot, Cull Obsidian, and a few other powered individuals.

She says that her father’s death was in vain and Fury defends Talos’s decisions. When G’iah says that she would like to bury her father, he tells her to go to Priscilla for help with that.

Sonya goes to Dr. Dalton’s house, kills her husband, and destroys her lab after taking her hostage and learning all about the Super Skrull machine.

G’iah reaches Priscilla’s house and tells her why she’s there. They conduct a funeral ritual for Talos and then wait at the house for the Skrull strike squad that Gravik sent to kill Priscilla.

Rhodey meets the President and tells him everything that Gravik told him to say. Gravik tells Fury that he’ll stop everything if Fury hands him the Harvest so Fury heads to Finland to get it.

Sonya picks up Fury in Finland and that is when Fury shares some key pieces of information. He tells her that Rhodey is Skrull, something that catches her by surprise.

He also tells her about the ‘Harvest’, the DNA of all the Avengers that was left behind during the battle for Earth. He collected it with the help of Skrulls including Gravik back then and hid it because he didn’t trust anyone else.

Finally, after retrieving the sample, he tells Sonya that he chose Finland as he and Priscilla honeymooned there because Skrulls like the cold, indirectly admitting that he married a Skrull.

He tells her that this issue is personal for him which is why he hasn’t called down any of his “special” friends to help out. Fury grabs all of his gear, calls Gravik, and lets him know that it’s time to finish things once and for all.


  • Sonya Falsworth is a brilliant character and Olivia Colman is absolutely delightful in the role. Despite being slightly antagonistic in nature, Colman appears to be having fun with the character who comes across as very entertaining.
  • The score in this episode is a particular standout, especially towards the end to enhance the significance of what Fury is about to get himself into.
  • The action sequence at Prisiclla’s home involving her and G’iah is brilliant. It is structured well and the camera work is considerably effective in enhancing the experience.
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