Rick and Morty season 6 episode 5 recap & review: Final DeSmithation

Rick and Morty season 6 episode 5 sees the horrible fate being foretold to Jerry via a fortune cookie; Rick uncovers a giant conspiracy behind the ill-fated inevitability that looms over his son-in-law.


While over dinner at Panda Express, the Smith family groans at each of their respective lame fortune cookies. Meanwhile, Jerry receives a whiplash of a cookie that reads “You will have sex with your mother.”

Everyone decides to absolutely rip Jerry apart for taking the fortune cookie so seriously, making fun of him and pranking him brutally.

Rick surprisingly decides to help Jerry out as he’s detected a potentially huge aberration with his fate and wants to find out why the fortune is so powerful.

While the rest of the family heads off to the zoo, Rick and Smith embark on their adventure. At the gigantic facility of Fortune 500 — the fortune cookie distributor — Rick and Jerry uncover the entire business that runs of selling fate for profit.

While the head of Fortune 500, Jenneth Chunt plans on escorting Jerry’s mom to the company and stopping him in the process, Rick and Jerry uncover the source of the fortune cookies.

It’s an alien species called Locker-ean. Apparently, it eats chaos but due to a digestive disorder, it is crapping out definable outcomes of fate, aka, the fortune cookies. “Fortune cookies are alien poop”, Rick tells the viewers, breaking the fourth wall.

Most of the fortunes are basic so the marketplace can be flooded with the pointless ones so the value of the special ones hikes up to unbelievable levels — fates that only the 1% elites can avail of.

An old prospector archetypal character, M. Hucksbee, explains the business model to Rick and Jerry, also revealing that he wants to free the Locker-ean and elope with it (without consent since the species is non-sentient).

Hucksbee is also the one who’s been making specific diabolical fortunes to get the people’s attention, including the ones like Jerry got.

The climactic showdown ensues, Jenneth bites the dust, and so does the bestial Old M. Hucksbee. Jerry has been running away from her mother, and from accidentally falling victim to his sick fate.

Rick wants the Locker-ean for himself but has to let go of it in order to rescue Jerry from his impending and uh — penetrating fate.

Jerry thanks Rick and calls him a friend, the latter slaps him in return for ceasing his immortality because his fortune entailed making a friend, and if he didn’t make one, he could stay invincible.

Rick and Morty season 6 episode 5 ends with a post-credits scene involving Morty realizing they’re in a human zoo.


  • It’s more suspicious than befuddling now that Rick and Morty seems weirdly obsessed with including incest in its episodes, in whatever capacity it may be.
  • Leaving the increasingly go-to alternative for the toilet humour that Rick and Morty have made incest out to be, episode 5 is a bit of a downer compared to its predecessors in season 6.
  • It’s great to see Rick and Jerry go on another adventure together and grow closer than before (although the episode ends with Rick slapping Jerry, the relationship has still improved quite a lot).
  • The rest of the Smith family doesn’t get much screen time this episode, other than the little bit in which they all do their best trying to be douches to Jerry.
  • Overall, episode 6 is only good for the development that Rick and Jerry’s relationship exhibits — which might have been the core intention for the episode — is still a bit of a lacklustre affair.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 5
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 5 recap & review: Final DeSmithation 1

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