Rick and Morty season 6 episode 3 recap and review: Bethic Twinstinct

Rick and Morty delves into the weird, and hilarious territory with the third episode of its latest season — an uncomfortable ride replete with sexual exploration and kinks of the parents and the subsequent horrors they inflict on the children.


Episode 3 opens with Rick interrupting Morty’s game by crashing into the door as a turkey. He then transforms and makes a reference to the Turkey pardon episode, he’s still on that spiel, especially now that Thanksgiving day has arrived again.

At the Thanksgiving speech, Jerry weirdly swerves his appreciation for Beth into some extreme expression of love, saying he’d kill himself if she ever left him or was unfaithful to him.

The latter part is important because it does come true soon enough. Space Beth is still staying on Earth after rescuing Rick and Morty in the season 6 premiere. Her chemistry with Earth Beth is really great, which is not surprising since they’re the same with minor character deviations.

However, the chemistry between them is a little too great, eventually making some sparks fly and pulling the two closer together. Summer secretly catches on to their romantic evolution and is traumatized by what she witnessed.

Space Beth and Earth Beth are totally in too deep for each other now and the attraction has evolved into a full-on, passionate, and frequent sexual dynamic. Soon enough, Morty also catches onto the self-cest of his moms, following which he’s also left traumatized like Summer.

While the siblings try to distract themselves with realistic video games, Rick isn’t too perturbed by the secret sexual affair of the Beths. He even cryptically gives Beth his seal of approval but warns her to not forget about her family amidst all the intense romance.

Earth Beth is unsure of what she’s doing but Space Beth is a bit more unfazed by the social or familial ramifications.

Finally, Space Beth breaks it to Jerry, who’s shocked and instantly morphs into an insect, curling himself inside a shell that even Rick can’t reverse. It’s his safety modification that Rick himself got him one day.

Earth Beth is worried and calls for Jerry to turn back into a human and talk to her, but Space Beth is annoyed, claiming it’s classic Jerry who’d instead turn into a creature than have a conversation.

The two Beths then ask Rick to wipe their memories of each other off. Before Rick does that, Jerry turns back into a human and tells them to grow up, following which he starts to pack his stuff and leave the house.

Earth Beth tries to stop him and get him to talk it over but Space Beth is having none of it. Meanwhile, Jerry only seems to be angry at the fact that they didn’t have his permission before having sex with each other, rather than at the fact that they did, at all.

The argument between the three slowly starts turning sexual and in the background, the three find a weird resolution to their conflict and begin having a threesome. Meanwhile, Summer, along with Rick and Morty, is horrified and trying to focus at the dinner, to no avail as their parents are loudly going on about their perverted fantasies upstairs.


  • There have been only three episodes so far in season 6 of Rick and Morty and episode 3 is undoubtedly the funniest one so far.
  • All contained within the Earth, the episode follows not an interdimensional adventure but a weird family drama involving sexual revelations and liberation, and trauma for the kids (the portal gun doesn’t work and Morty and Summer can’t escape the horrors).
  • The jokes in the episode work tremendously well, with more moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity than in some of the previous installments.
  • Sarah Chalke gets to flex her French this episode and does a great job voicing the two Beths.
  • The show recreates some of its shock humour from episode 4 of the last season. However, this is still pretty tame compared to the giant incest space-wandering baby.
  • That’s not to say that “Bethic Twinstinct” is in any way inferior to its spiritual predecessor, in fact, it is a far better episode because the jokes here have more time to work due to the grounded nature of the episode.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 3
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 3 recap and review: Bethic Twinstinct 1

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