Rick and Morty season 6 episode 10 recap & review: Ricktional Mortpoons Rickmas Mortcation

‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 finale sees the Smith family contend with a surprise betrayal amid a merry Christmas celebration while Morty’s lightsaber shenanigans threaten Earth’s extinction and Rick’s quest for vengeance drives him mad.


It’s Christmas time and staying true to the character growth he’s exhibited all throughout this season, Rick seems to be doing great by Morty and the rest of the family. He brings in gifts for everyone in the family, from all across the multiverse.

Everyone is happy with this warm shift in Rick’s personality. Later on, Morty goes to try on his lightsaber (a gift from Rick) for a spin in the garage. Characteristically, Morty clumsily drops it, and he drops it perfectly vertically.

As a consequence, the lightsaber keeps plunging into the ground, diving perfectly straight down the underground, through the numerous basement floors of Rick’s research facilities and labs, right up until the 15th one which is sushi.

To catch up to the falling lightsaber, Morty goes back 5 floors above and on the 10th floor, the real Rick is working hard at tracking down his arch nemesis, Rick Prime. Meanwhile, the Rick that’s been with Morty and the family ever since the ‘Knights of the Sun’ fiasco.

Morty is upset while the lightsaber keeps heading down and down the underground. The president arrives and informs Morty that the lightsaber is approaching the Earth’s core and if not stopped, will destroy the planet.

The president and Morty eventually dig down in a vehicle and catch up to the lightsaber, with Morty saving the day by catching it just before it hits the core. When they come up above, though, the President takes all the credit for the successful mission, as well as the lightsaber.

The president then proceeds to play around with a lightsaber and drop it perfectly vertically, making it once again approach the core and endanger Earth. Meanwhile, the family learns that their loving and caring Rick has been a robot for a while, following which they tear it apart.

The president takes off in his White House while Earth is at risk of extinction. However, the Smith family decide to patch up Robot Rick and together with Morty, they intercept the lightsaber.

Following that, they confront the president and defeat him, eventually landing in their garage after the entire spiel, thanks to Rick saving them with his portal. As Robot Rick dies, he tells Morty that all love and affection he’s showered him and the family of late was all programmed into him by the real Rick.

The president takes an awkward leave and the real Rick owns up to his mistake and asks Morty to join him in his experiments and work. ‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 episode 10 ends with Morty noticing how Rick Prime continues to elude his grandfather.

Rick ends the season with one of his characteristically maniacal monologues about what awaits the viewers and the titular duo ahead, hinting at Rick Prime being the focus in the future but also that he might be relegated to the background.


  • ‘Ricktional Mortpoons Rickmas Mortcation’ marks the end of a season of Rick and Morty that feels quite different from its predecessors, with the central characters being given more time to develop and grow than ever.
  • Season 6 finale is no different and while some of Rick’s growth is retconned, it’s only an episode long, with almost all of Rick’s growth this season being intact.
  • Episode 10 also teases the titular half’s arch-nemesis for the next season, as well as brings back the character of the US President, who’s always a fun time when butting heads with Rick and Morty.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 10
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 10 recap & review: Ricktional Mortpoons Rickmas Mortcation 1

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