Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 recap and review: Solaricks

Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 — “Solaricks” — adds to the canon continuity after the season 5 finale. Evil Morty has broken free of the Central Finite Curve while Rick and Morty are stranded inside a broken ship that detached from the Citadel.


Hopeless and starving, Rick goes meta and parodies Iron Man’s introductory narration at the beginning of Endgame. The situation in both these instances is similar and keeping up the parallel, Space Beth arrives as Rick and Morty’s savior (like Captain Marvel did in Endgame).

Space Beth takes the two home and Rick immediately goes to recalibrate the portal index, which has gone haywire now that the reality has altered drastically. However, Rick errs and resets the portal travelers instead.

Consequently, Rick, Morty, and Jerry start blinking, about to jump back to their respective original universes. Rick gives Summer pointers on how to bring them all back and the three blip off to their original realities.

Morty arrives at the Cronenberg reality where only Jerry survived, while Summer and Beth died. Morty tries to reason with Jerry and offers to move him to another universe.

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Jerry, who’s angry at how Morty abandoned his family, refuses. Morty laments and cries while Jerry moves on.

Rick arrives at his original universe where his wife Diane and daughter Beth had tragically died at the hands of Rick Prime. Rick contends with an A.I. Diane he had created after real Diane’s death, as a cruel reminder to himself.

He had also thrown the rest of the people in a time loop but mentally they continued to age. Rick stops the loop and heads off to hop the universe.

Summer is accompanied by both of her moms on an adventure for getting Rick, Morty, and Jerry back. Beth and Space Beth gets into a tussle while trying to court Summer’s affection. Summer brings them back to track, though, and the two make peace soon.

Summer opens a rift connecting to the one in Rick’s original universe, but before he comes out on the other end, Rick is reminded by A.I. Diane that his “target” was likely trapped in his original universe as well.

So Rick makes a detour and meets up with Morty in the Cronenberg universe. He then dumps the exposition unto him off-screen and heads off to Rick Prime’s invisible ship.

Rick (or C-137 Rick) tries to get through all the smokes and mirrors Prime Rick gleefully distracts him with. He gets lost in revenge but Morty brings him back to his senses and returns to their universe to save Summer and his moms. They then go and take Jerry from his original back to his current one.

The gang reaches home, only to find season 2 unemployed Jerry there, who stupidly sabotages the whole universe by releasing an all-consuming entity called “Mr. Frundles”. C-137 Rick and the lot migrate to a new universe where all of their versions are dead.

The post-credits scene sees Rick Prime escape his universe and crash into the Cronenberg one. Jerry stumbles upon him and offers to team up, which Rick Prime refuses. Jerry lunges at his throat with a knife but the big gnash quickly heals and Rick Prime shoots Cronenberg Jerry down before the credits roll.


  • Rick and Morty season 6 kicks off with arguably what’s one of the best parts about the show — the canon. Although the one-shot episodes are an absolute treat, Rick’s origins and backstory open up a lot of doors for the character to develop.
  • Episode 1 also has some great banter between the Smith family fans have come to love so much. Summer, Beth, and Space Beth don’t get to do as drastic of a job as Rick and Morty, but their adventure is fun nonetheless.
  • The ending of episode 1 entails a heartfelt and wholesome exchange between the two titular characters. It also shows how much the cynical and impossibly pessimistic C-137 Rick has grown and improved, to the point that he makes it clear to Morty that he’d never use him as bait to lure Rick Prime.
  • The post-credits scene also does a great job at the tease that feels genuinely exhilarating. Should there be more canon in this season, it’d be very interesting to see what this wretched and morally bankrupt version of Rick will be up to.
  • An affair rife with canon content while not being overstuffed with a bazillion short gags, episode 1 of Rick and Morty season 6 is a formidable start to the new installment.
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1
Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 recap and review: Solaricks 1

Director: Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon

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