Reboot season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Baskets

Episode 7 of Reboot sees Hannah and Gordon deal with different issues on set involving their actors which lead to great results. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Hannah and Gordon just get done with a shoot and have two different things to take care of so they decide who does what. Hannah sits down with Clay for a recording session while Gordon sits with the writers to hash out a particular plot point.

In truth, each of them is tricking the other into doing something they won’t be happy with as Gordon knows that Clay is horrible at recording lines and Hannah knows that Bree is sitting in with the writers today to help with her story.

Reed sees Zack with a basketball and strikes up a chat. Zack invites Reed to a basketball game with his friends and Reed agrees.

Hannah slowly begins to realise how bad Clay truly is as he keeps flubbing his lines. While the writers are trying to create a scene for Bree’s character, Bree constantly interrupts them with silly suggestions of her own or changes the topic altogether.

Timberly comes in and aces her recording in one take which puts more pressure on Clay. Clay then gets two of the lines right but the third is a real tongue twister and he goes back to consistently messing it up.

Reed is all set for a game of basketball but when he gets to the gym, he sees that Zack is playing with a group of Jewish teenage boys and Reed feels uncomfortable as it would be a mismatch of ability. Zack pleads with Reed to play as this is the only set of friends he has.

Reed eventually agrees after a little goading and trash talk from the young boys. His size advantage means that he dominates the game even though he’s barely trying.

The creators decide to switch places after realising what they’ve gotten themselves into. Hannah goes to the writers’ room while Gordon goes to handle Clay’s session.

Reed has enough of the trash talk from the kids and begins playing with effort and is no match for the others. Hannah tries to get the writers back on track but Bree continues to make silly suggestions and Hannah tells her off so Bree leaves.

Gordon tries the tough love approach with Clay and reprimands him every time he gets the line wrong but it doesn’t help one bit.

It’s the game point and Reed gets the ball but he backs into a boy and breaks his nose. He apologises but a girl nearby records the incident on her phone and accuses Reed of being anti-semitic. He takes the girl’s phone to delete the video but another girl records him doing that and accuses him of acting insane.

Zack walks up to them to see what the issue is and the girls begin fawning over them because they’re big fans. He uses that to his advantage to get them to delete the video in exchange for taking them to their prom and some other perks.

Selma consoles Bree about the incident with Hannah and Bree just says that these days all actors are multi-faceted and she’s just trying to catch up and not be left behind. Selma gives her a pep talk and they go back into the room.

She gives a suggestion that leads to a funny joke and her idea gets on the board which pleases her. Gordon asks Clay why he’s struggling with a simple line and Clay says that he used to get drunk for these sessions but now he’s trying to remain sober which makes things difficult.

He hugs Clay and asks him to try again and Clay gets it right in one try. Clay asks if they can continue hugging for a little while longer and Gordon agrees.

Hannah and Gordon and pleased with what they’ve accomplished and revel in a good day’s work as they leave.


  • The script of this episode is hilarious, especially the banter between Reed and the young boys. Listening to them reference old sitcoms several times older than they are is very funny.
  • The subtle focus on Clay and his efforts to stay sober is heartwarming. The fact that they highlight it while not making it the centre of attention adds a level of sensitivity to the episode.
  • Bree gets her own moment of growth with Selma as the two of them discuss what it’s like being a woman in the industry and how they need to put in so much more effort to excel.
Reboot season 1 episode 7
Reboot season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Baskets 1

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