Reboot season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Bewitched

Episode 6 of Reboot focuses on Gordon trying to help Hannah get a date with the woman she likes while Clay and Zack also explore certain relationships in their lives. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Reed has to move to a new hotel and he finds out from a few fans that Bree is staying in the same hotel. This fact slightly bothers him but it makes his girlfriend, Nora, even more insecure.

Bree spots Reed and she’s keen on playing a game with him that they used to play back when they were together. They would select random people and imagine what their lives are like, making up crazy scenarios in their heads.

Gordon and Benny see Hannah finish a meeting with Mallory from HR and they immediately recognise the fact that Hannah appears to have a crush on Mallory, even if Hannah doesn’t want to admit it.

Clay and Zack are getting fitted with suspended wires to shoot a dream sequence. Hannah’s meeting with Mallory was for Zack because he wanted to find out if it is appropriate to ask Elaine out on a date.

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She tells him that it’s fine but that he can only ask her once because if continues after she rejects him, it is considered harassment. Gordon wants to help Hannah out so he gets the younger writers to find out whether Mallory is a single lesbian.

Everyone agrees that Gordon is the reason Hannah is so closed off and messed up when it comes to relationships and he wants to help fix that.

Clay tells Jerry that he’s in AA and part of his recovery is to apologise to people he has wronged in his life. He gives Jerry a half-hearted apology for being out of his mind on drugs and alcohol during the original run of the show.

Zack sees Elaine and asks her if she’d like to go to a movie with him but she says she can’t and hurriedly leaves to answer a work call. Reed is reading by the pool and Bree interrupts him to continue her game as she follows an old woman and two overdressed men accompanying her.

Reed insists that he doesn’t want to play and she’s annoyed that he’s not playing along. Hannah joins the writers to find Mallory sitting in. Gordon says that he invited her to find out what they can and cannot say in the writers’ room to avoid a scandal.

Hannah pulls Gordon aside to have a conversation and he tells her how he feels responsible. She assures him that he’s not the only cause of her problems and that he can relax. She is intrigued when Gordon tells her that Mallory is single and likes women as well.

Reed finally decides to play the game with Bree and she is overjoyed. They hear one of the men making dinner plans and they decide to meet up at the same restaurant that night to find out more.

As Clay is suspended in the air for the scene, Jerry stops rolling and then gives Clay a piece of his mind. He blames Clay for missing out on an Emmy and refuses to accept Clay’s apology because he didn’t mean it.

As Mallory leaves, Hannah apologises to the other writers and then she tries to ask Mallory out on a date. Mallory saves her the trouble and agrees to go out with her, much to Hannah’s delight.

Zack tries to ask Elaine out once again as he couldn’t get his point across clearly the first time around. She says no, claiming that since she’s a female executive, no one would take her seriously if she started dating an actor on her first show.

Clay realizes his mistake and gives a truly heartfelt apology and Jerry accepts it. Reed gets a call from Nora who apologizes for being so paranoid about him and Bree. Just as he’s telling her he loves and misses her, Bree overhears them and turns around.

He sees her and she asks him if she can cancel and he agrees. They’re happy that they got to spend some time together and have fun like in the old days and get into the elevator.

Just the door is shutting, the trio they were following are seen escorted by the police and they scramble to find out what the truth behind the situation is.

Zack is at the theatre and Elaine shows up just before the movie starts claiming that it is a complete coincidence that they both ended up there. Just then, the man behind them reveals himself to be Dennis who is a member of the crew leaving them terrified at being discovered.


  • This episode focuses on relationships and it is a heartwarming one to watch. It’s not just romantic relationships but the bonds between a father and daughter, and between coworkers/friends.
  • The way the young writers scour social media and the internet to find out Mallory’s sexuality and relationship status is a great and terrifying display of what can be achieved with ease in this day and age.
  • The way three different sub-plots progress seamlessly in the same episode is great and a credit to the combined efforts of the director, the editors and the writers
Reboot season 1 episode 6
Reboot season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Bewitched 1

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