Reboot season 1 episode 5 recap & review: What We Do in the Shadows

In episode 5 of Reboot, Hannah tries to solve everyone’s problems while Bree goes on a spiritual journey and learns something new about Clay. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


The cast is running through a scene and once it’s done, Reed walks up to Hannah and Gordon for some thoughts but Gordon uses the excuse of finding a pen to get out of there as soon as possible.

Reed complains to Hannah about Gordon’s behaviour and how he constantly ignores him and Hannah takes this to Gordon directly. Gordon tells her that the actors are just needy and she doesn’t have to give in to them so quickly.

Zack comes to Hannah and Gordon with a problem of his own and Gordon lets Hannah deal with him alone. Zack says that he’s in a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend for their dog and Hannah says she’ll support him with it.

Gordon makes fun of the issue so Hannah asks him if they could have dinner together and he could impart some wisdom on how to deal with actors to which he agrees.

Bree and Clay are in the makeup van and Bree is talking about some get-together that she’s going to that is all about exploring people’s spirituality but Clay says that it’s just a scam. She ignores his opinion and believes that she’s going for something genuine.

Gordon arrives at the fancy restaurant and the host takes him to his table where he finds Reed waiting for him. Both of them thought they were meeting her but Hannah orchestrated this so they could talk their issues out.

Zack and Hannah go to his ex-girlfriend, Marcy’s house so that they can talk about the dog. Bree video calls Clay as she’s high on mushrooms to tell him that he was wrong and she’s having a great time. Clay notices the time and remembers he has to be somewhere.

After a couple of drinks, Reed and Gordon begin to open up to each other and say what they really feel. Gordon tells Reed that he’s got a gift for comedy but he overthinks everything and gets in his own head.

Reed tells Gordon that he’s got a brilliant mind and can come up with the most amazing stories but he coasted through and told some ridiculous stories in the past rather than apply himself.

Zack and Marcy talk about their issues which sound completely ridiculous and Hannah tells Marcy that she needs to accept that Zack just wants to be a part of their dog, Butternut’s life. She brings Butternut out and it’s a small, almost feral-looking dog.

Clay is driving to his destination when Bree calls him and she’s completely losing it because of the mushrooms. Clay asks her to send him her location so he can get her.

Zack and Marcy have an honest conversation as Hannah struggles with the abomination that is Butternut on her lap. Marcy agrees to share custody and Zack is delighted. He mentions that Hannah agreed to look after the dog while he’s rehearsing, something she regrettably remembers.

Clay eventually finds Bree and corrals her into his car and tells her that he needs to make another stop before driving her home. He stops at a house and tells her not to get out because it’s a dangerous neighbourhood. She gets out anyway and walks into the house and realizes Clay is at an AA meeting just as he announces that he’s 30 days sober.

Reed and Gordon are walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame while drunk and they run across Chuck Lorre’s star. Gordon considers Lorre a rival and wants to piss on it but he’s unable so Reed decides to do it for him and as he’s pissing, a cop shows up.

Gordon comes to work the next day and commends Hannah for the trick she pulled and says that it actually helped. Bree tells Clay that she’s proud of him for trying to be better and he tells her to keep it a secret so that he can maintain his “bad boy” image.

Hannah has another person from the crew approach her with a personal problem because she told Zack she wants to be that person who helps her colleagues, another statement she regrets making now.


  • The chemistry between all the actors is amazing. There are two pleasant friendships showcased in the episode between Gordon and Reed as well as Bree and Clay. The performers mesh well together to make for great viewing.
  • The writing is so sharp and witty with the jokes landing perfectly. There are references within the series that are always fun to pick out and the direction backs up the script.
  • There are a couple of funny moments in this episode such as Bree tripping on mushrooms and the moment Marcy brings out the dog. The scene where Bree comes across a motion sensor light and poses with a smile on instinct is hilarious.
Reboot season 1 episode 5
Reboot season 1 episode 5 recap & review: What We Do in the Shadows 1

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