Reboot season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Girlfriends

Episode 4 of Reboot revolves around Bree wrapping her head around the encounter she had with Timberly while Hannah looks for the right moment to tell her father that she’s queer. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Bree is in bed with a sleeping Timberly, looking up questions about sexuality and famous lesbians in Hollywood when Timberly’s alarm rings. She tells Timberly how great the night was and Timberly feels likewise as she throws around terms that Bree has to keep looking up.

Bree arrives on set with a Gatorade and a spring in her step and Reed notices that after trying to talk about his call to her the previous night. When he finds out that Bree slept with someone, he starts to feel a little insecure.

Elaine has her first actor meeting as an executive with Zack and Zack is similarly delighted that he’s hanging out with an executive. Zack comes across as a dolt but he still manages to charm Elaine ever so slightly.

Reed talks to Timberly about Bree’s chipper mood and Timberly admits that she was the one who slept with Bree and Reed is taken aback by this news. He tells Clay about and Clay says that Timberly slept with people on her reality show whenever she considered them a threat.

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Gordon overhears their conversation and the next moment, the writers’ room is explaining the sexual act of scissoring to Bob. They start discussing their sex lives but when they ask Hannah to share, she changes the topic.

Zack and Elaine are really getting along but Elaine says that she has to get back to work. Zack asks her if she’s been around the studio lot and insists on giving her a tour.

Bree lets Timberly have one of her jokes in the script and Reed and Clay feel that Timberly’s manipulation is already working. Benny goes into Hannah’s office and she tells him that she never came out to her dad as a lesbian and is wondering whether she should do it now.

Benny says that it’s no big deal and she should just rip off the band-aid but when she chickens out just before she can come clean.

Zack takes Elaine to the costume shop where Zack gets Elaine to try out an old Victorian dress. She asks him if they’ll get in trouble for this but he says that he’s an actor so he has free reign but, when someone shows up he tells Elaine to run.

They run out and grab a pair of bicycles that are parked outside the building. He then takes her to a hall where an orchestra is recording the background score for a particular scene as Elaine is impressed by what she’s seeing.

Reed and Clay meet Bree in her trailer and tell her all about Timberly’s past exploits on her reality show. Bree begins to question whether her friendship with Timberly is real while continuing to get the terminology around sexuality hilariously wrong.

Bree talks to Timberly about the situation and Timberly proves to her that the whole reality show was scripted and she wouldn’t sleep with her just to get in her head.

Zack and Elaine are cycling around the lot when they run into her boss, Daniel. She apologises to Daniel for slacking off but Daniel is happy that she’s having some fun and admits that many felt she was working too hard.

Benny tells Hannah to stop overthinking things and just come out to her father. Zack and Elaine arrive on set too and Zack tells Elaine that she’s a fun person which pleases her.

Bree confronts Reed and Clay and lambasts them for getting in her head and making her look like a fool. She tells them all about the scripted reality show and the guys feel bad for putting the wrong idea in her head.

Bree misses her cue and she asks the director if she should come out again and after a few more mentions of the phrase ‘coming out’, Hannah blurts out to her father that she’s a lesbian in front of the whole cast and crew.

Gordon says that he knows that she’s gay and says that he followed the press when her movie came out because he wanted to be proud of her from afar. Bree then announces her tryst with Timberly, simultaneously showing that she’s bad at reading situations and how bad her understanding of sexuality is.


  • The script of the series is so over the top and yet appropriately funny for the genre. There’s one particular line in this episode where Zack says that everything works out on TV is a cool little moment of 4th wall-breaking humour.
  • Zack and Elaine had a fun and pleasant side adventure in this episode that showed that they work together well and might be featured together more often in the future.
  • Bree getting the whole LGBTQ+ idea all wrong but still pushing through with her words with ignorant confidence is hilarious. Even the things she was looking up at the beginning are funny terms that feel very much like real terms an older person might search for.
  • A small shout-out goes to the creators for giving each episode the title of a classic sitcom. They’re really going all in on the idea that this is a meta series targeted towards the youth of today.
Reboot season 1 episode 4
Reboot season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Girlfriends 1

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