Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Gilgamesh

Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7 sees Weir questioning whether he is being paranoid and if he can trust the people he knows. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


In the wake of the assassination of Senator Nora Evers, after immense support, her Shared Data Act is being pushed with a new name: the Nora Evers American Protection Act. It will give select companies access to US citizens’ government records and consumer data. The act will be passed in two days.

Weir’s team doesn’t find anything useful inside Evers’ case. There are only documents with numbers on them. Meanwhile, Weir is not in his right mind. He is questioning how Valence is still alive.

Amidst the discussion, he accuses his father of letting Evers’ legislation pass, something his father didn’t even mention. Weir takes time out and contacts the person he was talking to, assuming that it’s Valence.

Moments later, Weir disappears, and Hailey notices that the chat box on Weir’s laptop says Weir can’t trust Ben. She closes the laptop before Ben can lay eyes on it and intends to follow where Weir is going.

Weir uses a local computer store to continue talking to this person, who claims that he is Valence. This person says that Ben has used them for his goals. Weir is forced to leave the place after realizing that people are noticing him.

Hailey surprises him from behind, and Weir is left with no option but to explain to her why he is acting like this. Whenever he can’t find a rational explanation for a situation, he starts to visualize and find the most logical one. Sometimes he can’t control it, and only Valence knew how to pull him out of this.

Weir tricks Hailey and sends her on a bus. He believes this mission is only for him. Hailey goes back to their hideout and learns that Homm has figured out what the numbers on Evers’ documents are all about. The documents are a roadmap to Crowley’s operation. It has the names of people and companies Crowley owns.

They can’t give this information to anyone because that person will alert Crowley. Ben thinks there still might be a play; they just need to wait for Weir to come.

Weir reaches out to a priest to have a conversation to calm himself down. During the conversation, Weir receives his ex-wife’s call. She has received a parcel from Valence.

Back at the hideout, Hailey steals one of their pen drives and meets Agent Jo Madi. She gives her the drive and tells her that it has proof that suggests Weir hasn’t killed anyone.

Madi shows what she has to her senior. He asks what he can offer her to make her forget this file ever existed. Madi requests her old job back in the criminal division. She also wants to be the head of the task force that is hunting John Weir down.

Weir picks up Valence’s parcel, which has a piece of Gilgamesh inside it. On his way, he meets Kyle, who takes him to his boss. Weir listens to what Kyle’s boss has to say. Kyle’s boss claims that Ben has been lying to Weir all along.

Ben made the assassination of Evers and the passing of her legislation possible. He also says that Ben manipulated Weir and Valence into making Arda Analytics public so that it can be used.

A furious Weir starts beating the man up and notices the earpiece he has. Through that piece, Weir talks to Crowley, who supports this information and shares that Ben lied about searching for Crowley when the AeroDelhi crash took place. Ben was, in fact, staying three blocks from Weir, pretending to be a doctor.

The revelation infuriates Weir, who goes back to the hideout looking for Ben. The moment Ben arrives, Weir holds a gun against him and even thinks of shooting him dead.

While they are busy arguing, Homm takes out the drive hidden inside the piece of Gilgamesh and plays the video on it on a laptop. It’s a confession video of Valence.

In the video, Valence reveals that Crowley outplayed him. Crowley wanted Weir dead after the Homm operation. That’s something Valence won’t do, which means Crowley will come for both of their heads.

Valence killed himself to buy Weir and Ben some time. He sent this video through the mail before meeting Weir the day he died.

In the video, Valence also revealed that Crowley has infiltrated his company; he has eyes and ears everywhere. So it turns out that the messages Weir was receiving were from Crowley, who had figured out how they were communicating.

Ben doesn’t ask for an apology from Weir. He just wants Weir to say that they are going to work together to bring Crowley down. Weir agrees, and the team comes back together.


  • The seventh episode of Rabbit Hole doesn’t really offer much development with where the team is at. Instead, it focuses on Weir and gives an insight into how his mind works. Furthermore, it sheds light on the heartfelt friendship he has with Valence.
  • For the entire season, the show stated that Weir and Valence were tight, but due to Valence’s absence, the viewers never got to witness it. The final moments of the episode serve as an ode to their friendship. It may or may not appeal to viewers.
  • After so many filler episodes, the finale should deliver what is promised because, so far, the show has only played well by deceiving the viewers.
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Gilgamesh 1

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