Platonic season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Slumber Party

In the ninth episode of Platonic, a frustrated Charlie makes a grave mistake, forcing Sylvia to take drastic measures. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A new day at Sylvia’s household begins with Charlie showing disappointment towards her for not telling him about her firing from Kirk’s job first. Sylvia says sorry time and again, but Charlie stays adamant.

Charlie also plans to work overtime just to show that he is angry. Stewart and Vanessa are glad to have Charlie stay late. They see this as an occasion.

Stewart leaves them alone to see a friend of his. Together, Charlie and Vanessa have a hell of a party. When they finish their drink, they steal one from their colleague’s office to keep the party going.

A party leads to a dirty dance, and they soon find themselves in an inappropriate sexual position. They quickly realize what they are doing and back off. A guilty Charlie doesn’t hide this from Sylvia.

Sylvia starts overthinking everything and wondering if Charlie has feelings for Vanessa. Charlie clarifies that he has no feelings for Vanessa. He confesses that he may have acted out because Sylvia spends all the time with Will.

Charlie says he is not trying to excuse his behavior; he is just letting Sylvia know how he feels. Sylvia doesn’t let him sleep near her.

The next day, Charlie acts like the world’s best husband just to please Sylvia, who has decided to stay cold toward him.

Meanwhile, at his bar, Will asks for his cut in Andy and Reggie’s side project called Da Booch, which they started without him. When they don’t find common ground, Will goes on strike and says that he will only return when he gets his cut.

While Sylvia is busy talking to Katie on the call about faults in Vanessa and how Sylvia can make Charlie pay, Will knocks on her door. Soon, Charlie returns home, and Sylvia has tasks ready for him.

Charlie and Sylvia’s kids have each brought a friend home, and Charlie will be taking them out for pizza. Sylvia makes things more difficult for Charlie by allowing all of these friends to have a sleepover at their house.

Sylvia also asks Will to stay for the night, and Charlie is in no position to say anything. At night, Sylvia and Will indulge in deep conversations.

While Sylvia asks Will about leaving the bar as he doesn’t see eye to eye with his friends, Will advises her to turn her garage into a guest house until she finds a bigger house for the family.

Sylvia also questions Will about his divorce. Will says that his marriage with Audrey was doomed for a very long time, and his hooking up with a random person is not why it ultimately ended. Will wonders why Sylvia has these questions, but Sylvia doesn’t tell him about Charlie.

The next day, Charlie continues being nice to Sylvia, who proposes Will’s idea of turning the garage into a guest house to him. Charlie is forced to not argue. He also gives Will some good advice regarding what to do with the argument he has with his friends.

Following Charlie’s advice, Will sits down with Andy alone to talk business. From Andy, Will learns about Charlie’s act. Apparently, Andy talked to Katie in depth about this. Will is shocked that Sylvia didn’t tell him.

Later, Will visits Sylvia to help her with the garage. Sylvia tells him that she is fine. Upon entering the garage, Will notices that the place is standing on the support of only four posts.

A raccoon attack forces Will and Sylvia to get out of the garage. Once they escape, the garage collapses. An angry Charlie comes and calls Sylvia out for dealing with him by destroying their house.

Will notices that things aren’t fine and leaves them alone. Charlie lets Sylvia know that whatever happened with Vanessa wasn’t her fault. He apologizes and confesses that he just doesn’t like feeling that he is the second-most important man in her life.

The two share a laugh and a hug. Sylvia confesses to Charlie that she has been a mess since Maeve started going to school full-time. She feels embarrassed to tell Charlie about it and only tells Will because he is a bigger mess than she is, or at least an equal mess.

While Charlie and Sylvia reconcile, Will is being forced out of his business by his own friends because they don’t share the same vision. Will is not surprised that Reggie is doing this, but he didn’t expect this from Andy.

Before leaving, Will lets them know that this is his bar and they are not getting rid of him that easily. Meanwhile, at Charlie’s office, his colleague, Albert, finds his drink missing.


  • The ninth episode of Platonic is probably the best episode of the series so far. It got its humor right and brought an unexpected twist by turning things on Charlie.
  • Rose Byrne delivers as an upset wife, and watching her take control of Charlie is hilarious. The tone of her voice and her facial expressions all feel relatable and funny.
  • Platonic has established itself as a show that will never get serious about its conflicts. Thus, it makes itself a comfortable watch where viewers can enjoy seeing the characters mess things up in each and every episode.
Platonic season 1 episode 9
Platonic season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Slumber Party 1

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