Platonic season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Let the River Run

In the seventh episode of Platonic, Sylvia messes up on her first day back at work as an associate. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Sylvia wakes up to the day she will be joining Kirk Friedkin’s law firm. She suits up, and her family and Katie celebrate her. Sylvia is so excited about having co-workers again.

Charlie’s colleague, Stewart, is worried about Sylvia. She is going to work as an associate. People in their 20s usually work as associates, and he feels Sylvia doesn’t have the energy to work as an associate. Charlie assures him that Sylvia will be fine.

Meanwhile, Will makes a really great beer that will define his bar. The thing is, it will cost a lot to produce this beer. Will looks at this beer as his piece of art, while his investor, Reggie, sees this bar as a business, intending to sell this beer at higher prices.

The two don’t look eye to eye, but Reggie is ready to try Will’s way; if it doesn’t work out, they will settle on Reggie’s decision.

At Friedkin’s law firm, Sylvia is introduced to everyone. Everyone is surprised to see Sylvia working as an associate. Although Sylvia is supposed to work for only one junior partner, if anyone else gives her a task, she shouldn’t say no.

Files pile up at Sylvia’s desk. The very first few hours become exhausting for her. She later attempts to get along with her colleagues. However, her comments are not taken lightly during a fun conversation.

Sylvia stays late for work. At night, while standing, she falls asleep and hits Friedkin’s portrait. The portrait falls down and gets a crack. Sylvia’s attempt to fix it makes it worse.

Sylvia calls Will at a time like this, who only makes the painting worse. Will knows someone who can fix this. Audrey is an art consultant who must be in touch with people who are good at this.

Audrey takes the two of them and the painting to an artist who goes by the name of Lord Rotero. Will and Rotero get along and think of artistic ways to modify the painting, but all Sylvia asks is for the painting to be replicated.

While Rotero is busy with the painting, Will learns from Audrey that there is a party taking place at his bar. Will is surprised because he doesn’t know about such a party.

Will and Sylvia visit the former’s bar and learn that Reggie and Andy have started a project of their own to make money. It is a hard kombucha line called Daa Booch.

Andy and Reggie left Will out of this because he ruins every opportunity they get to make money. Things get worse when Will and Sylvia see Katie and Peyton at the bar. Katie is dating Andy, while Peyton has been hired to work here.

Will is furious that his friends did this to him. Sylvia makes things right and stops the party by calling in a gas leak. Sylvia and Will then head back to Lord Rotero, who has ruined Friedkin’s portrait.

The next day, Sylvia hangs the ruined portrait anyway. No matter how hard she tries, Friedkin sees it. Jessica from HR calls Sylvia. She has seen on camera what Sylvia has done.

Jessica gives the impression that she understands where Sylvia comes from. Sylvia doesn’t even realize that she has just been fired. Jessica later drops by to inform her of the same. When Sylvia refuses to leave, Jessica asks her to talk to Friedkin. Sylvia voluntarily but slowly leaves. She mocks Jessica while doing so.


  • After a very dull episode, Platonic gets back to doing what it is good at. The awkwardness that Rose Byrne carries at Friedkin’s firm is filled with some really good moments that make you laugh.
  • The episode also depicts how Will can be difficult to work with. Somewhere, his character comes out as completely self-centered. He strictly looks at his beer business as an art and gets furious when his friends try to keep it running by making some money.
  • The seventh episode doesn’t see Will and Sylvia having any great friendship moments. It definitely looks like Sylvia and Will cause trouble in two different ways. However, in this episode, it’s hard to see why Sylvia would put up with Will when he continues to make things about himself.
Platonic season 1 episode 7
Platonic season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Let the River Run 1

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