Platonic finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Platonic, after almost parting ways again, Will and Sylvia make some strong decisions that change their lives in the coming year. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 10 recap: When Will Met Sylvia

Sylvia and Charlie finally find a big house with three bathrooms within their budget. The place has a dark past as it was a crime scene once, but Sylvia and Charlie still take it.

At the Lucky Penny, Omar is the new brewmaster now, and Will is working under him. Will confronts Reggie and Andy, who made Omar the brewmaster since they have the majority stake in the bar.

They admit that they are trying to get Will to sell his shares. However, Will lets them know that he is not going down that easily.

Katie and Andy are getting married, and they are looking for a wedding planner. Katie thinks Sylvia should do the planning because she is really good at this stuff.

Sylvia is also having a housewarming party in the evening. Katie wonders if Will is invited. Sylvia is worried about that because they have invited their new neighbors and Charlie’s work friends. When Sylvia and Will get together, they quickly get carried away.

At the party, Katie and Andy again try to convince Sylvia that she should plan their wedding. Sylvia and Charlie see how good their neighborhood is as they try to make sure no one is discussing their new house’s past in front of all the children.

The evening goes well until Will and Sylvia go upstairs to fix the lights. Will tells Sylvia about the job offer he has received from Johnny Rev, although he is not taking that job.

Soon, Will and Sylvia see a UFO in the sky. They go crazy about what they have just discovered. They try to share it with everyone downstairs. However, the others are not into the UFO stuff, which makes Will mad.

The new friends of Sylvia start getting uncomfortable because of Will’s tantrums. Sylvia is forced to take Will to the side. Sylvia asks Will to read the room. Her attempt to calm him down results in an argument between them as they both call each other out on their life decisions.

At night, Charlie tries to comfort Sylvia by pitching that they can go and hunt aliens together. Sylvia thinks about Katie and Andy’s offer and browses the internet, searching for wedding ideas.

The next day, Sylvia receives a call from a lawyer who is looking into complaints against Johnny Rev.

Sylvia learns that Johnny Rev is being kicked out of Johnny 66 because of his long history of sexual harassment. Jenna is now the interim CEO in his place. Sylvia goes to Lucky Penny to convince Will that this is the right time to take the job he was offered by Rev.

Platonic ending explained in detail:

Does Will quit his job at Lucky Penny?

Will hears Sylvia’s idea, but he thinks he won’t thrive in Johnny 66’s corporate environment. Sylvia reminds Will that he loved Johnny 66 when they were in San Diego and that he feels miserable working here at Lucky Penny.

Sylvia tells him to try something new and take a risk. Sylvia is helping him out because the argument they had where they called each other out for living a miserable life helped her. She is now taking the job of planning Katie and Andy’s wedding. She thinks Will should try something new too.

Will finally agrees. He goes to Andy and Reggie and lets them know that he is quitting. He will discuss selling his shares with them later when a lawyer is present.

Does Will get the job at Johnny 66?

Will and Sylvia take a trip together to San Diego. Sylvia had told Will that she had talked to Jenna, the new interim CEO of Johnny 66. That’s why Will had decided to come. Sylvia lets him know that she lied about that. Now he feels embarrassed that they have straight-up asked for Jenna.

When Jenna shows up in front of them, Will tells her he needs a job but stops midway, realizing that he is wasting her time. Jenna stops them from leaving and actually hires Will.

Will and Sylvia celebrate their win. Will looks at the fact that he will have to move to San Diego for this job. Sylvia convinces him that a change is good and asks him what is keeping him in LA anyway. Will glances at Sylvia for a second before being interrupted by a flower seller.

What happens to Sylvia and Will?

A year goes by. Sylvia becomes a successful event planner. It’s Andy and Katie’s wedding. Will arrives at the wedding with Jenna. Sylvia looks at Will and remembers what they were doing a year ago.

Later, Will reveals that he and Jenna are now engaged. When Will and Sylvia are alone, they remember the time they were miserable and call it the best. They admit that they saw a UFO, and Will also hires Sylvia to plan his wedding.


  • Platonic nails its finale with a fitting end to the first season. The episode, at first, feels like just another day in Sylvia and Will’s lives until they both find their calling and answer it. Both Will and Sylvia get a satisfying end to what they wanted from life.
  • The last 10 minutes of the finale make a viewer feel nostalgic about this show, which they discovered a month ago. A viewer can also feel why Will and Sylvia miss the worst time of their lives. It is a reminder to live in the moment.
  • Lastly, till the very end, despite dropping hints of a possible romance, the show sticks to its title. Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen’s chemistry dismisses any chance of romance here in viewers’ minds.
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