Peacemaker season 1 episode 8 recap & review: It’s Cow or Never

The season finale of Peacemaker a lot of gory violence, stream of consciousness humour and some mild political discourse as the team aim to eliminate the alien cow.


Adebayo is stuck in the back of the RV with Peacemaker and Vigilante and as she’s trying to apologize to Peacemaker, they’re just making fart noises to drown her out like a bunch of adolescents. No surprise given that they’re often the embodiment of ‘your last two brain cells’.

Once they arrive at the warehouse where the cow is located, they hatch a plan to use Peacemaker’s helmets to disrupt the compound. There’s a short segue as Vigilante shows that he has very little understanding of the concept of sarcasm.

Their plan involves taking the help of Eagley but that dumb majestic bird is never reliable. He flies off and drops Peacemaker’s helmet in the middle of the forest rather than on top of the barn like he was supposed to.

Peacemaker has a hallucination of his father and then rationalizes using a blow dart on him, even though he knows his father is now just a figment of his imagination. Once again, he’s going to need hours, maybe months of therapy to get even close to normal.

They eventually find the helmet and send Economos inside to stash it so that they can use its sonic boom feature. Predictably, things go sideways, Economos bares his soul, Adebayo has sweaty hands and a bunch of butterflies died gruesome deaths.

Peacemaker, Vigilante and Harcourt head out to take thin the herd. Peacemaker heads down the tunnel where he meets Goff/Song. She tells him the true reason why their on this planet and their true goals. They’re a radical leftist Illuminati who wants to ensure humans don’t screw up the Earth.

Peacemaker listens to this sob story, and you think he might help them for a moment, but then he doesn’t. He takes out the cow with the help of Adebayo, then they carry Harcourt who is now bleeding out as the Justice League arrives, late to the party.

Slowly but surely things start going back to normal, Adebayo burns A.R.G.U.S., her mother and taskforce X in the press, while Harcourt recovers in the hospital. Economos goes back to working at Belle Reve, and Peacemaker and Vigilante go back to their lives complete with blowing random stuff in the forest.


  • There is just something about the dialogues that have been written for this series. The conversations at any given situation flip-flop form the mundane to the bizzare and it’s hilarious.
  • The action set piece at the end with the opening title track playing was brilliantly made, a fitting way for the final hurrah to go down.
  • The cameo by the Justice League was an unexpected and exciting moment at the same time, add to the fact they actually had two of the real actors rather than body doubles.

Rating: 3.5/5

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