Peacemaker season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Episode 7 of Peacemaker builds up to the thrilling finale of the season with some significant emotional moments littered from start to finish.


Peacemaker and Vigilante are packing up and getting ready to take out the alien cow, now that their cover is blown and they’ve got enemies closing in from all sides.

Economos reluctantly joins them as the designated driver while they rock out to some music in the van. Clearly, there’s no bad time to ‘rock’.

Peacemaker’s dad, now in full White Dragon get-up tracks them through his helmets and intercepts them. They chase them through the forest with Peacemaker sending them on a wild rodent chase with the help of a very badass racoon.

Eventually, the Dragon and his nazi henchmen catch up to our heroes but with everyone getting a moment to shine, they prevail as Peacemaker puts a bullet through his father’s head, something that will definitely be the focus of many a therapy session in the future.

The butterfly police are headed towards Murn, as he tries to get Harcourt and Adebayo on the same page so that they can escape. He doesn’t get out in time and is murdered by detective Song. Later on, there’s a touching moment between Harcourt and the creepy butterfly she knew as Murn.

Judomaster shows up to get some form of revenge and initially gets an upper hand but after an almighty scuffle with Harcourt, Adebayo subdues him with a taser. He is one wiry insistent little bugger who doesn’t know when to back down.

The gang regroup at a vets office where Eagley receives treatment for his injuries and Harcourt gives a rousing speech to rally the team before they go put this cow to pasture. It was so rousing even, that even their hostages at the vet’s office hilariously take up arms in support.

The team head to the ranch as the butterflies assemble their teleportation equipment to shift to cow to another location before Peacemaker and his crew get there and raise hell.


  • Interspersing tense, emotional moments with some witty back and forth banter is something the writers use often and it has become a wonderful trademark of the series.
  • Any fight sequence involving Judomaster is choreographed and shot extremely well, enhancing the effect of those set-pieces.
  • There are quite a few tocuhing scenes that really tug at the heartstrings of the audience, which is a good thing amidst the level of violence constantly on display.
  • The soundtrack is consistent with some great rock music being used as a staple for each episode.

Rating: 3/5

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