Peacemaker season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Murn After Reading

Episode 6 of Peacemaker continues to focus on the team’s investigation into the butterflies while there is some major reshuffling in the police department and the return of an old terror.


Murn confronts Adebayo after she discovers his secret identity. Turns out that Harcourt and Economos already know that Murn is a butterfly. What a wonderful team picked out to save the world from evil aliens.

Detective Sophie Song takes the evidence to a judge and manages to secure the release of one Auggie Smith and what does she get in return? Yet another insensitive racist joke that Auggie seems proud of. It’s a mystery how he has survived this long.

Peacemaker and Vigilante are questioning the captive butterfly but Vigilante is constantly showing that he has just the two brain cells doing all the work inside his head. They go over a bunch of alien stereotypes before being rudely interrupted.

The police have arrived with a warrant but Peacemaker and Vigilante barely manage to escape thanks to some help from the human embodiment of ‘Slenderman’, Captain Locke.

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They do mess things ups royally though when the butterfly escapes and takes over detective Song. Typical of those two dolts to do something this stupid on such a humongous scale.

Peacemaker and Vigilante get back to the team and they all get into an argument about political correctness before Economos pipes up about the location of the alien ‘cow’. Yes, apparently there exists a cow for the aliens which is the source of their yellow nutritious fluid.

Song contacts her fellow butterflies and they march into the police station and take over all the cops and inmates. Somewhere out there is a joke about authorities and illegal aliens, just can’t seem to find it.

Auggie Smith calls his Ku Klux cronies over and they dramatically help an old man put on his supervillain costume while they wear pillowcases on their heads with holes cut out for their eyes. It all just seems so silly to me.

Harcourt and Peacemaker share a sweet moment where she admits that a small part of him might actually be decent. Then Peacemaker shows off his musical talent with a number on the piano.

The episode ends with the freshly minted alien police force holding a press conference naming Peacemaker as enemy number 1 and vowing to take him down once and for all. So now he has to worry about white supremacists and insectoid aliens which sounds like fun.


  • The sense of humour is consistent with previous episodes, which is a good thing. The sudden segues into random arguments about everyday issues make it all the more hilarious.
  • The sequence of Song calling the other butteflies and Auggie putting on his suit was audio-visually spectacular. The use of slow-motion and the soundtrack swelling up to a crescendo truly felt magnificent
  • The meta nature of the show will always be a draw. Peacemaker and Vigilante referencing other alien movies while questioning the butterfly was a fun little excercise.
  • While the reveal that Murn is a butterfly was significant, the rest of the episode felt more like a filler that you can more or less breeze past despite the other major events.

Rating: 3/5

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