Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 3 recap & review: The Last Day of Bunny Folger

Season 2 episode 3 of Only Murders in the Building narrates the events on the final day of Bunny Folger’s life before she was murdered. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


In the previous episode, Mrs. Gambolini, Bunny’s pet parrot, claimed she knows who did it. However, this turns out to be just a sentence she keeps imitating.

Mabel, Oliver and Charles find Bunny’s receipts from March 12, the day that she died. Using this, they recreate the day.

Bunny wakes up on the day and rehearses her speech for stepping down as board president of Arconia. She held the position for 29 years and inherited it from her mother, Leonora Folger.

She is unable to complete the speech as she is overcome with emotion. She loves Arconia with all her heart, and the decision to step down is hard on her.

Bunny gets ready and goes out to run some errands, and upon returning, jokingly threatens to fire Arconia’s doorman Lester before she loses her position. After her retirement, Bunny plans to move to Boca, Florida, 

She finds Mabel, Oliver and Charles celebrating after solving the Tim Kono case, and starts to reprimand those breaking rules of the building. She is joined by Nina Lin, her successor as the board president.

While she is out, Bunny gets a call from an unknown person asking about the painting, however, she completely shuts them down.

Bunny frequently visited The Pickle Diner before her death. She has a good equation with the waiter, Ivan, who asks her if she was expecting someone as the waiter on the previous day informed him that Bunny was with a friend.

She quickly retorts that nobody will be joining her and that ‘person’ wasn’t a friend. By coincidence, Oliver and his son are also there at the diner and they have a chat with Bunny, and Oliver doesn’t think she would leave the Arconia, ever.

Bunny gives Ivan a large amount of cash, urging him to get the DJ equipment he wanted. She also tries to advise him to not just love one thing, because when it is gone, he will have nothing. He does not understand her and thinks she is talking about iced tea, which needs a refill.

In truth, she was referring to her sheer love for Arconia. Now that she is about to move, her heart is broken.

When Bunny returns to Arconia with snacks for the board meeting, she meets Charles and Mabel in the elevator, which gets stuck.

As Charles panics, Bunny tweaks the wiring and fixes it, getting praise from Mabel for being a badass. As the fans stopped for a while, Bunny realised that she did not like being warm.

This refers to how moving to Florida would mean there would be no winters and the weather would always be hot. She truly does not wish to move.

As some residents throw a retirement party for her, she announces that she won’t step down, much to the frustration of Nina.

Her would-be successor shows her true colour and calls Bunny a relic. Nina is desperate to change Arconia and make it ‘modern’. Bunny vows to stop her.

In the present day, Mabel, Oliver and Charles decide to make Nina Lin the prime suspect in the case as she had the strongest motive.

Back to the flashback, Bunny hears Mabel, Oliver and Charles partying and knocks on their door. She thanks them for solving the Tim Kono murder and they give her a merchandise hoodie of their podcast.

After shutting the door in her face, they start wondering if she wanted to join them. To make this more awkward, she starts weeping outside the door because of how awful her life is turning.

When Mabel attempts to invite her in, she has already gone back to her house. The three shift their party to the roof to avoid her.

Now, they realise how insensitive they had been. And had they shown more kindness, Bunny might be alive right now.

There’s a knock on Bunny’s door and she believes it’s the three of them. When she opens the door, it’s someone she recognises, who stabs her and starts the murder mastery the three protagonists are attempting to solve right now.


  • The episode gives essential insight into Bunny and Nina Lin as characters, taking the investigation to a whole new level.
  • Bunny was always shown as a hostile person but this episode develops her character to quite an extent and makes you feel terrible about her death.
  • The episodes of Only Murders in the Building are not often shown from a different character’s perspective and this feels fresh.

Rating: 3.5/5

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