Obi-Wan Kenobi season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Part V

Darth Vader and Reva are right on the tail of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he tries to help the families on Jabiim escape for good. Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+.


A brief glimpse into the past shows Obi-Wan and Anakin getting ready for a sparring session before it pulls back to the present as Darth Vader looks out into the expanse of space.

Reva arrives to inform him that Obi-Wan is headed to Jabiim at that moment. Vader is impressed by her efforts and grants her wish, giving her the rank of Grand Inquisitor.

Obi-Wan and the others arrive at Jabiim where they find Haja waiting for them. He says that he’s now wanted by the Empire and had nowhere else to go. Roken tells Kenobi that he can take him and Leia home only once he has transported the families that have been waiting for months to safety.

Once again at the sparring session, Anakin is showing increasing aggression while Obi-Wan tries to calm him down and show remind him of the goal of a Jedi.

As the Empire’s destroyer arrives at Jabiim, he orders Reva to lock down their facility using the tracker she placed on Lola. As soon as the people are locked in, Obi-Wan predicts that Vader will attack as he does not have the patience for a siege.

As this plan is echoed by Vader, Ob-Wan tells the others that they only have to defend themselves together for enough time to ensure their escape and lift the spirits of the people.

Obi-Wan receives a message from Bail Organa mentioning Owen and Luke and how Vader cannot find out about his children. He has a conversation with Tala about why she decided to go against the empire.

Reva and a battalion of stormtroopers arrive at one of the doors and when the heavy gun is close to breaching the door, Obi-Wan requests a moment with Reva to buy some time.

Their conversation leads to the revelation that Reva was a youngling at the Jedi Temple during Order 66 and her only goal is to kill Vader. Obi-Wan tries to convince her to help him but she refuses.

The door is breached and the stormtroopers make their way inside with the people fighting back. As they are being pushed back, Tala and her droid are hit by blasters and in one last act of defiance, Tala sets off a grenade to allow the others to escape.

Obi-Wan tells Roken that he will give himself up to let the others escape. He hands his lightsaber and communicator to Haja and tells him to make sure Leia gets to safety.

When he is brought in front of Reva, he tells her that he’s bringing Vader to her and is ready to distract him long enough for her to strike. She agrees with his plan after some consideration.

One final glimpse at the sparring session sees Anakin disarm his master but Obi-Wan shows patience and experience to still gain the upper hand and warns Anakin that his impulsiveness will lead to his downfall if he doesn’t remedy it.

Meanwhile, Leia discovers that Lola is within the vents with a restraining bolt. She removes it and fixes the issue, reopening the bay doors for their escape.

As everyone is scrambling to get on the ship, Haja drops the communicator which gets damaged. Vader arrives just as the ship is leaving and he pulls it down and rips it apart. It turns out to be a decoy and the actual ship leaves immediately after.

Reva arrives and is about to strike but Vader holds her back. They duel each other but Vader is far too powerful and defeats her quite handily. The former Grand Inquisitor arrives and tells her that her ambition is what eventually led to her downfall.

As Obi-Wan and the others are leaving, he is left feeling something that worries him. Back at Jabiim, Reva manages to find the communicator and with the message mentioning Owen and Vader’s children.


  • This episode was one where Darth Vader shined. His dominance over Reva maintained his reputation as one of the most feared individuals in the galaxy.
  • The way he fought her while only using the force showed that despite holding onto his aggression and hatred, he did learn a thing or two from his master.
  • The moment that Tala dies is an emotional one. Despite appearing for such a short time, her dedication to the cause and her friendship with her droid must have endeared her to the viewers, making her sacrifice all the more significant.

Rating: 3/5

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