National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Prison Break

In National Treasure: Edge of History episode 8, Jess pulls off one of the most daring and risky tasks yet — beaking her father out of prison.


Jess has decided to break her father out of the prison while her friends are concerned. None more so than Oren, who has to sound off the alarm of reason and eventually bail, returning home so that he can later perform the extradition assistance.

Agent Ross meets Oren and asks him the whereabouts of his friends, which he refuses to give away. Meanwhile, Billie meets Rafael and accuses him of killing her brother, unconvinced of his claims of innocence.

She asks him about the next clue, denying which would, she warns, deprive him of his loved one, just as he did to her. As his daughter preps for a heist herself, Rafael decides to break out of the prison as well, determined to save his daughter from Billie.

As he prays for the first time in years when the shoes he had ordered long ago finally arrive, he thanks the picture of his wife and celebrates his prayers being answered.

Liam is helped by Myles, who lures one of Billie’s men to the Sadusky home and stages Liam’s kidnapping.

Killing that man and using him to crack into the database, Liam and Myles learn that Billie was also tracking the former’s father up until his disappearance too, and might have actually been the one who killed him.

As another man breaks into the house and looks at his dead accomplice, Liam and Myles cage him inside the secret room, but when the man opens fire, Myles gets hit and dies. Before a dozen of Billie’s people enter the house, Liam escapes.

Jess breaks into the prison through the drainage system with great help from Tasha and a clue from Oren that he gave before bailing on the mission.

Jess enters Rafael’s cell only to discover he’s gone, when a guard enters to check up on him, he sees Jess but before he can do anything, Rafael sneaks up from behind and knocks him out.

The father-daughter duo makes for the secret route out of the prison but to distract the sniper, Rafael must blind him with a mirror reflection while Jess escapes to freedom.

The mirror is eventually shattered and Rafael has to sacrifice himself in order to let Jess escape. Still, before the sniper can pull the trigger, someone else snipes the sniper out, giving Rafael and Jess enough time to flee.

They get in the car that Ethan and Tasha pull up with and then drive away. Jess and Rafael drop at an unknown location while she asks her friend to go away to safety.

Rafael knows a trusted someone who’ll help them break into America but before that, they must solve the map. They stop by a tree that Jess recognizes from a photo her mother used to keep.

They unfold the map and figure out that it has to with the constellations in the sky, which serve as reference points and when she puts all those reference points along with Venus in a geolocation app, a result is a place called “Devil’s Swamp”, near the Mississippi river.

Before they can embark on the next stage of the hunt, Billie and her caravan arrive and Rafael tells Jess to escape while he remains there.

Jess hides temporarily but seems to have an epiphany in the middle of Billie’s monologue, following which she gives herself up and is detained by the villain’s men before credits roll on National Treasure: Edge of History episode 8.


  • National Treasure: Edge of History is consistent with its drowsy plot and the silly way the various developments take place.
  • Conveniences and coincidences blot the script while the protagonists needlessly worry about an insane undertaking since no harm can be inflicted on those sporting lazily woven plot armors.
  • The plotline involving Liam remains so unnecessary and underutilized that a love triangle that never unfolded and the eventual familial connection to the treasure can not justify it.
National Treasure: Edge of History episode 8
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Prison Break 1

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