National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 9 recap & review: A Meeting with Salazar

In National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 9, Liam finds a cipher left behind by his grandfather that carries the truth about Salazar.


Jess uses Ethan’s phone to send an SOS to her friends while Billie figures out the necklace she wears is a compass for the treasure at The Devil’s Swamp.

Oren does a polygraph test and aces it while Ross also questions Ethan and Tasha, ending up with nothing and letting them all go shortly. She later goes and meets Hudson, on a date, but can’t stop thinking about the case.

Liam finds his grandfather’s book that’s a cipher, containing a clue they eventually crack and it tells them that Salazar is a leader of a group of treasure destroyers, and Billie is a part of the group.

Before that, Tasha uses a crappy old TV set to create a tracker and find Jess’s live location, which is constantly moving as Billie’s plane moves towards Mississippi.

The friends eventually figure out where Billie is taking Jess, with the help of Meena as well, who’s the one who provides them with the SOS that Jess sent to Ethan’s emergency contact.

Ross goes to Liam’s house to find Myles’s blood stains since the police couldn’t find his body. Two of Billie’s men, including Dario, arrive at the house to retrieve Liam’s phone and Ross opens fire, killing one of them.

Tasha sends the footage of Billie and her army keeping Jess and her father in captivity to Ross, who shows it to Hendricks. Together, they head out to search for Billie on her plane but she’s already gone.

Meanwhile, Ross figures out that Hendricks is the one who murdered Peter Sadusky, before cuffing him and setting off to stop Billie and her men. But when she reaches there, Hendricks sneaks up behind her and impales her with a sword, with Ross seemingly dying.

As National Treasure: Edge of History episode 9 comes to an end, Rafael figures out that Hendricks is Salazar, the one who killed Sebastian.


  • Edge of History season 1 episode 9 speeds things up for the finale as the stakes are set and yet, nothing of significance transpires.
  • With the great number of actors and extras, props, and an Imagine Dragons needle drop, Edge of History is still sorely lacking in one component that it should be abundant in — intrigue.
  • The Salazar reveal is subversive in the worst ways and amounts to a giant dud. Meanwhile, the movement of the plot and the people towards the treasure is incredibly lethargic and yet so exhausting.
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 9
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 9 recap & review: A Meeting with Salazar 1

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