Mythic Quest season 3 episode 4 recap & review: The Two Joes

Episode 4 of Mythic Quest sees Jo meet with Joe Manganiello regarding the leading role in the MQ movie while Ian and Dana head out on a trip that sees them bond over their similarities. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Poppy goes up to Dana and says that she’s done building Hera and wants Dana to test it out for bugs. Dana says she can’t because she convinced Ian to speak to her class at college and he’s picking her up soon.

Ian is actually talking to Dana through her earbud and Poppy warns her that once she has Ian in her ear, it will be impossible to get him out.

David walks into the office and finds Jo waiting for him. He apologizes for being late because the commute from his home is quite time-consuming. While they’re talking, David receives a call that Jo answers and it turns out to be Joe Manganiello who says he’s interested in starring in the Mythic Quest movie.

Jo sets up a meeting for that afternoon and is super excited. He asks Jo to accompany him but she immediately gets uncomfortable because she hates Hollywood and everything it stands for.

David tells her that this meeting is important and he needs her to set her personal beliefs aside just for this one meeting and she agrees. He then has to head home for a change of clothes because he has huge pit stains from the earlier phone call.

Ian and Dana are in the car and Dana talks about how she doesn’t enjoy being a passenger in the car and Ian shares the same sentiment. They gradually realize that they have quite a few things in common with each other.

Brad walks up to Carol who doesn’t want to hear what he has to say. His NFT idea was a bust and Carol is in a bad mood about it. Rachel walks in to take some snacks for the road and Carol unloads her anger on Rachel before apologising and then leaving for a mental health day.

Rachel tells Brad what the issue was with their NFT idea because she’s a gamer herself and knows how they think. Brad asks her to elaborate because he knows she’s onto something.

Poppy interrupts the testers at MQ, Kai and Travor with a new job for them. She says that has acquired their services for the day so that they can test out her new game for bugs. It’s a completely awkward exchange as Poppy keeps referring to them as slaves or something similar.

Jo arrives for the meeting with Jo but Brad is still stuck in traffic. Joe shows up and Jo starts freaking out but Brad tells her to stay on the phone with him so he can talk her through the meeting. Jo stumbles through the meeting because she’s nervous.

Instead of going to her school, Ian takes Dana to a warehouse building where he says work is being done on the latest metaverse and AR technology and they’re going to get a chance to see it. Dana is really excited about this.

Brad takes Rachel to the game developers and asks her to share her ideas with Phil, the head developer. Phil is exhausted by Brad’s suggestions and calls David to confirm.

David is now on two calls together as he tries to talk to Jo while asking Phil to keep quiet. Brad picks up another landline to get on the call and through some miscommunication. David tells Phil that he needs to start the NFT project all over with Rachel’s suggestions.

Joe Manganiello is annoyed with Jo and David is worried that they’re going to lose him. Dana and Ian are done at the warehouse and by now they’re on the same wavelength so Ian lets Dana drive his car on the way back which he never does.

David finally arrives at the restaurant but Jo tells him that Joe Manganiello left. She did, however, tell him the truth about him being stuck in traffic and added some lies to it as well, saying that David is a recent widower mourning the death of his wife.

She tells David that Joe is still interested and would like to talk to him about the script. David wants to celebrate but Jo tells him that he needs to get back on the road because the traffic is going to get even worse.

Poppy meets Kai and Travor at the end of their day and asks them if they found any bugs. They say that it was perfect and they didn’t find anything. She then asks them what they thought of the game, something they’re not used to answering.

They tell her that technically the game is brilliant and Poppy is a gifted person who has built a flawless game. However, just as they get into the lift, they tell her that the game isn’t all that fun. Poppy is left in shock and wants them to elaborate as the doors shut on her.


  • Joe Manganiello is high profile addition to the cast as himself and he does have good comedic timing so it will interesting to see how he performs going forward.
  • Ian and Dana’s budding friendship seems to be the key focus and what it eventually leads to is a complete mystery as of now. They two play off each other well.
  • Rachel’s arc about avoiding school and hanging out at the MQ office often is something that feels half-hearted in execution as it is only occasionally pointed out without real attention.
  • There has been minimal focus on the gaming aspects which were a cornerstone of the series. The characters seem to be doing their own thing away from the games apart from maybe Poppy and Brad.

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