Mythic Quest season 3 episode 3 recap & review: Crushing It

In episode 3 of Mythic Quest, David has some news he wants to lord over Ian’s head while Poppy, Jo and Rachel have a little bonding exercise. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


David calls in Carol, Jo and Brad for a meeting to announce that their bosses are making a Mythic Quest movie and he’s going to be named executive producer. Carol and Brad aren’t so excited by this that bums David out.

Jo offers to make them feel sad the way he feels at the moment but he tells her that she doesn’t need to go so extreme. He asks her to send Ian up so that he can show off for accomplishing something Ian never could and tells Jo to take the rest of the day off.

Poppy completes an important coding sequence and notices Rachel reaching for some of her candy. Rachel is looking for Dana but Poppy says that she and Ian are off somewhere in the desert with some crypto bros.

Poppy thinks of going back to work but Rachel says that she just accomplished something major so she should go out and celebrate, suggesting brunch. Jo shows up looking for Ian but they tell her that he isn’t there.

Jo says she’s free to hang out with her friends in an apprehensive way and Rachel invites her to brunch as well.

Brad finds Carol struggling with work because she barely has any. He offers to help her raise some funds within the game so that she can make effective changes like she wants to.

David talks to Sue about the upcoming movie project and Sue is happy for him but begs him not to go ahead because the players with rain down all their discontent on her because they don’t like anything.

Rachel takes Poppy and Jo to brunch which is a foreign concept to them. Once they sit down, they start drinking and enjoying the food while lying to themselves about how happy they are in life. Jo doesn’t get this but she still observes Poppy and Rachel do it.

David goes down to Grimpop himself to find Ian but when he can’t, he decides to head back but he doesn’t know how to call the elevator because there are no visible buttons.

As brunch goes on and they get drunker, Poppy and Rachel begin to let out their true feelings. Rachel has been avoiding people at college because she feels like the other students are much smarter and don’t like her.

Poppy feels like she doesn’t get the respect from Ian that she believes she deserves. The two of them are brought to tears as Jo watches on and realizes that this is what brunch means.

Brad and Carol go to one of the designers with a request to make new loot boxes but the designer says that they are overworked and understaffed so it will be hard to do.

Brad realises that there is another way they could raise funds and go to Sue to suggest the idea of selling Mythic Quest NFTs. Sue isn’t happy with another new venture that will come back to bite her and Brad tells her that it’s an endless cycle in gaming that she can’t avoid.

David begins to lose his mind because he can’t find any other rooms or doors and eventually tires himself out and falls asleep on the floor before being woken up by Ian and Dana. David is too frustrated to gloat now and just leaves while rambling about Ian’s office design.

Jo takes Poppy and Rachel to the gun range so that they can move out of their comfort zone and try something different, the way Jo went to brunch and got a different perspective on things.

She takes them to an open ground where they get into a tank and crush cars and Poppy and Rachel find this very therapeutic and enjoyable.


  • Brad is getting back to his tricks and living vicariously through Carol who doesn’t have anything to do. They also remain topical by considering the use of NFTs in the game which is sure to be a good idea.
  • David’s arc in this episode is hilarious to watch. He’s initially excited to announce the news and gradually loses all confidence and his sanity inside Ian and Poppy’s futuristic office with no lines. He’s so frazzled that he doesn’t bother telling Ian about the movie.
  • Rachel, Jo and Poppy’s sub-plot is also fun and helps the characters have a moment of self-realisation and face up to how they’re feeling about their lives. Jo remains an interesting character and Jessie Ennis plays her wonderfully.
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 3
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 3 recap & review: Crushing It 1

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