My Hero Academia season 6 episode 7 recap & review: Disaster Walker

My Hero Academia season 6 ‘Disaster Walker’ sees the titular villain’s devastating move towards the settlements as his master calls for him. The Pro Heroes try their best to contend with and thwart the three-way threat.


‘Disaster Walker’ opens with the media helicopters observing and relaying the harrowing situation of the city to the rest of the nation. Most of the city has been razed to the ground and the police and authorities receive the news with bated breath.

Shiigaraki is one-note about the way he treats his enemies as he effortlessly dodges the number 1 pro hero’s attacks and overwhelms the top heroes with ease.

However, Eraser Head is proving to be a problem for the villain supreme, as his quirk prevents him from using his Decay quirk. All eyes are on Aizawa and before all hands are on deck as well, Shigaraki lunges at the U.A. High School teacher.

Gran Torino runs off to save Aizawa, and so do others, but Shigaraki’s incredible speed defeats them all. Fractions of a moment before Shigaraki makes contact, Deku arrives and kicks the villain off his trajectory.

Kacchan lends support and begins blasting at him, with Endeavor arriving at the scene and adding his attacks to the mix as well. Shigaraki isn’t fazed much still.

Meanwhile, at Shigaraki’s call, Giagantomachia rises from the underground and puts the original League of Villain members on his back, before blasting off on legs towards his master.

As he runs almost blankly towards Shigaraki, he has no regard or cares for Mt. Lady and her great attempts at stopping him.

Midnight tries to make a move for his face and put him down to sleep with her quirk but gets shot down by the villains who are hidden betwixt the spikes on Gigantomachia’s back.

As she falls, she suffers heavy injuries and feels humiliated by the affair, following which she contacts Yaoyorozu and asks her to make sedatives to take down Giagnatomachia. She also tells her to get every other student and run before the disastrous villain catches up to them.

Yaoyorozu makes the sedatives and adds two and two together regarding Midnight’s dire situation. She then decides to stay and fight, also inspiring and directing them to prepare for the onslaught, before My Hero Academia season 6 episode 7 comes to its end.


  • My Hero Academia ‘Disaster Walker’ finally delivers, albeit not in a satisfactory quantity, on Giagantomachia and his destructive prowess.
  • Midnight’s situation is dire and left on an alarming cliffhanger that seems to be hinting at a potentially grim fate for her.
  • Shigaraki’s terrifying display of cracked powers continues to impress, although less than his mental overcoming of All For One’s one-note, undying, and piercing hunger for Deku’s quirk.
  • With Shigaraki, Gigantomachia, and the Nomus, the pro heroes have been dealt one of the worst hands and it is turning out to be an increasingly impossible situation for them, although the resolve of Yaoyorozy and friends and Deku-Kacchan’s team up in episode 7 inspires some semblance of hope for the future of the story.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 7
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 7 recap & review: Disaster Walker 1

Director: Shōji Ikeno

Date Created: 2022-11-12 15:30

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