My Hero Academia season 6 episode 6 recap & review: Encounter Part 2

My Hero Academia ‘Encounter Part 2’ follows up on Shigaraki’s unbelievably perilous powers and the destruction they wreak in their wake.


My Hero Academia season 6 episode 6 picks up on the terrifying last moments of the last episode and Shigaraki has called on his strongest man for the battle ahead.

However, Shigaraki doesn’t seem to treat this battle as one, causing extreme mayhem and then walking through it like it’s a stroll through a park.

Moments after he calls Gigantomachia to get up and assist him in his destruction, Endeavour arrives with all the might of his firepower.

Shigaraki doesn’t get phased by any of it, though, even when his flesh burns, it gets regenerated instantaneously, akin to that of a Nomu.

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This is because Shigaraki has absorbed countless new quirks, thanks to All For One’s quirk. Endeavour as well as Eraserhead and other Pro Heroes try to thwart him, but Shigaraki can’t be contained.

Even the number 1 hero is but a mild threat to Shigaraki, who despite his seemingly All Might-like powers, seems distressed about something lacking.

This deficit, he soon understands is due to All For One’s insatiable hunger for the One For All quirk.

He wants to get this missing piece in his arsenal of powers and quirks but this murky and suspicious drive to nab One For All is borrowed and seems to carry some future repercussions for Shigaraki.

And so Shigaraki flies off towards Deku, who also adds up two and two together. Kacchan follows, with his own score he needs to settle with Shigaraki, and the two heroes rush off away from the public to lead the villain away as well.

Shigaraki comes very close to seemingly eviscerating Kacchan and Deku but Gran Torino lunges and swishes away with the two heroes. He then warns them to back off as they’re no match against Shigaraki now.

Even Eraserhead can’t contain Shigaraki with his quirk.

Meanwhile, Shigaraki’s endless supply of new quirks also enables him to cut off the radio transmission that Pro Heroes rely on to communicate with each other.

My Hero Academia ‘Encounter Part 2’ ends with Gran Torino, Deku, and Kacchan looking at the horrors of Nomus coming out of the crash site, somehow having survived the utter destruction of Jaku Hospital.


  • My Hero Academia is at its best when emotions are conveyed through the sheer kinetic energy of the action sequences, both while the action takes place and in the moments leading up to it.
  • ‘Encounter Part 2’ is replete with such moments, and the sense of dread amidst a rush of adrenaline is palpable. The high-octane impact of the one-sided battle of Shigaraki and others is felt in every frame.
  • Gigantomachia is again missing from the action but his lack of screentime is more than made up for by Shigaraki’s incredible streak of quirky flexes.
  • It’ll be fascinating how All For One’s unquenchable thirst FF or One For All is inflicting searing pain upon Shigaraki, who seems to have made this desire his own as a continuation of a sinister legacy of sorts.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 6
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 6 recap & review: Encounter Part 2 1

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