My Hero Academia season 6 episode 5 recap & review: The Thrill of Destruction

My Hero Academia ‘The Thrill of Destruction’ sees Shigaraki regaining consciousness and instantly dealing the Pro Heroes a horrific blow.


My Hero Academia season 6 episode 5 opens with Tokoyami ditching Fat Gum’s ride and flying off to save Hawks, who he thinks is in a pinch. His hunch and knowledge of Hawks’ biggest weakness come in clutch and Tokoyami correctly deduces that the Pro Hero might be in trouble.

Hawks is in real trouble indeed, and as Tokoyami arrives at the scene, he witnesses the number 2 Hero lying down, all bloodied and barely conscious. Meanwhile, Dabi towers over, still on his verbal tirade.

Tokoyami asks Hawks for instructions and the Pro Hero directs him to bail this situation. Tokoyami does just that and flies off carrying him.

However, Dabi attacks and Tokoyami is depowered enough by his flame to fail at a soft landing, resulting in Hawks knocking himself out from the fall impact.

Dabi lunges for another attack but the villain Geten launches a massive ice attack on the heroes at just the right moment to give Tokoyami a way out of an otherwise harrowing dead end.

While Tokoyami carries Hawks to safety, Endeavor and other Pro Heroes are battling the Nomus at Jaku Hospital. Meanwhile, the biggest crisis for the heroes arrives in the form of Shigaraki.

As he gains consciousness, the destruction ensues almost instantly, with his new powers being visibly far more horrifying than before. X-Less tries to attack him but gets disintegrated into dust in a matter of few seconds.

The Pro Heroes all retreat as a great, all-destructing wave of Shigaraki’s quirk emanates from him, rapidly destroying each and everything in its way.

The wave reaches the city where Deku senses it before everyone else, thanks to the first One For All’s voice calling out to him, requesting him to take action and stop him.

Deku puts two and two together and deduces that this oncoming wave of decay is thanks to Shigaraki. He jumps in front of the wave to deflect it but it doesn’t succeed in stopping the decaying onslaught.

Even Todoroki’s giant wall of ice doesn’t stand against the destructive powers of Shigaraki’s decay wave. They immediately turn their focus onto the civilians, quickly moving to evacuate everyone from the city.

The decay wave ends, and Shigaraki rejoices in the destructive power he now wields.

Amid All For One’s voice giving him a headache, Shigaraki prepares for another attack, ordering his most loyal henchman and the most potent weapon in his arsenal, Gigantomachia.


  • My Hero Academia season 6 episode 5 finally pulls the curtains on Shigaraki, who instantly cements his new powers as some of the most formidable and terrifying forces the Pro Heroes have reckoned with.
  • The gravity of Shigaraki’s new decay powers is also felt throughout the entire destruction sequence, with X-Less and Crust’s instant deaths resulting in some of the most chilling moments of the episode.
  • Some of the exhilarating aspects of the episode come in the form of teases for what’s to come.
  • The first One For All’s warning to Deku and All For One’s invasive voice inside Shigaraki’s head repeats the classic contrast between the two individuals’ inherited powers, also teasing at their destined confrontation in the future My Hero Academia episodes.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 5
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 5 recap & review: The Thrill of Destruction 1

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