My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 recap & review: Inheritance

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 sees the Pro Heroes continuing to make advances into the enemy’s dens as the prime target finally awakens from his sleep.


My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 opens with Tokoyami recalling the time when he learned about Hawks’ one weakness — fire.

When he asked the Pro Hero what his countermeasure for fire is, Hawks answered that he’d just have to defeat the person wielding fire before they can make a move.

Cut to the present day and Tokoyami notices a blue flame bursting out of a top-floor room, seemingly deducing that his fears for Hawks may have come true.

Meanwhile, at the Jaku Hospital, Endeavor and others are hard at work neutralizing the Nomus. Mirko continues to be a beast and hops through pain, blood, and heavy physical damage.

She finally manages to reach Shigaraki’s capsule and damage it severely without breaking it. Meanwhile, she is impaled by the Nomus at several places on her body.

Endeavor makes a move, and so do Eraserhead and Present Mic. While Endeavor cauterizes Mirko’s injuries, Mic goes ahead and socks Dr Garaki in the face, picking him up and dashing off outside.

Before that, Mic breaks Shigaraki’s capsule and the unconscious villain falls out and down with a thud. Hero X Less notices that Shigaraki’s heart is not beating.

Mic runs off with Garaki and on the way, the doctor reveals that gave his quirk to All For One long ago. This is the same quirk that has helped All For One stay alive for so long.

He also reveals that it was Eraserhead that they originally wanted for his quirk, not Kurogiri’s.

Meanwhile, Hawks asks Dabi what his real identity is. The villain answers his question but the viewers are only given a muted segment upon his reveal, unlike Hawks who is seemingly terrified at the revelation.

Before Dabi goes for the kill on the already defenceless and decrepit Hawks, the scene comes to an end and the fight is not continued throughout the rest of the episode.

At the Jaku Hospital’s secret facility, Shigaraki finally comes to life and opens his eyes, before My Hero Academia ‘Inheritance’ rolls the credits.


  • My Hero Academia’s ‘Inheritance’ is an improvement in terms of the pacing, with the various storylines cross-cut in a tighter and more concise manner than the previous episodes.
  • Mirko’s savage break-in finally comes to a halt and her incredible prowess commands Endeavor’s respect, who thanks her for her efforts.
  • Garaki makes a couple of shocking revelations that bring a tectonic shift to the Pro Heroes’ understanding of All For One’s prolonged life and Shigaraki’s new destructive powers.
  • Hawks is in a real pinch, to put it mildly, but Tokoyami has taken notice and will probably be arriving to aid Hawks and save him from the raging blue fire of Dabi.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4 recap & review: Inheritance 1

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