My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 recap & review: One’s Justice

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 continues the gigantic onslaught of Pro Heroes on the PLF, as Twice rises up for one last time and Hawks tries his best to contend with rapidly changing developments.


Edgeshot’s team moves forward. Kaminari holds the fort and successfully holds off the enemy faction’s commander until Edgeshot gets the opportunity to arrive and strike down dozens of enemies swiftly.

Midnight and the other Pro Heroes lunge at the enemies and soon the Gunga Mountain Villa is mostly ensnared by the Pro Heroes.

Re-Destro learns of the Heroes’ attack and is horrified at the news. Meanwhile, Hawks and Twice are face to face, with the former reduced to a pitiful sight of tears and hurt.

As Hawks tells him to surrender quietly, the villain just can’t quite come to terms with the huge mistake he’s committed for the second time now.

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Blaming himself for the foolish mistake, Twice curses Hawks, who feels bad for him but is steadfast in his principles and duty nonetheless.

Hawks want Twice to turn a new leaf but all words of virtue and wisdom fall on deaf ears as Twice can’t even register the moment clearly until he does a bit.

Twice creates clones but Hawks destroys them with ease; the villain does it again, and the hero destroys them with ease again. Twice can’t compete with Hawks’ speed.

Twice lunges again, only to be pinned down by Hawks, who goes for the knockout move before a ferocious blue flame barges into the room, instantly incinerating a good chunk of Hawks’ wings.

Dabi enters and surprises Hawks, while Twice tries to escape. Dabi launches his flame attack, but Hawks takes advantage of it to surprise him from the back, confronting Twice from the front.

However, his attack is stopped by Dabi calling out his full, real name. Hawks is startled and confounded as to how he knows his real name.

Twice tries to flee but gets caught in the crossfire and falls onto the concrete, taking heavy damage despite Hawks previously trying his best to detain him without harm.

Before the light is extinguished, Twice helps out Toga and Mr Compress by creating the last clone.

However, he can’t accompany them longer than that as the clone starts to melt, falling into Toga’s arms as she thanks him for saving them.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 ends with Twice revelling in the camaraderie he shares with his villain friends, cursing Hawks and admitting how lucky he’s to save those he holds dear.


  • My Hero Academia delivers some of the best emotional screentime for the villain, accompanying the scenes with great background scores and striking visuals.
  • Despite Twice’s penchant for melodrama, the villain is sometimes a cut above the rest of the antagonists in terms of universal appeal.
  • There’s a tender, extremely vulnerable, and fragile nature to Twice, something that almost distracts the cold and meticulous Hawks from his plan.
  • ‘One’s Justice’ is almost all dedicated to the villain in question, with certain highlight moments also allotted for the other heroes and villains.
  • The standout character among the B-plots in this episode is Dabi, who manages to not only deal effective blows to Hawks but also take him by surprise with his inexplicable knowledge of Hawks’ personal details.
  • Episode 3 of My Hero Academia season 6 is also thrilling in its more transient moments, one of which comes as a great delight when Gigantomachia is teased for the future.
  • So far, My Hero Academia’s sixth season has been nothing but exhilarating moments of high-octane action. Episode 3 is no different than its predecessor in that regard.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 recap & review: One's Justice 1

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