My Hero Academia season 6 episode 25 recap, review & ending explained

Episode 25 ‘No Man is an Island’ concludes the sixth season of My Hero Academia on a positive note while the grimness of the battle ahead looms larger and closer than the heroes had previously expected.


Dejected and let down by himself, All Might walks up to his statue and blames himself for not assisting his disciple in a meaningful quantity. As he walks away, losing all hope and drive, he’s confronted by Stain, who has been following him for quite some time.

The Hero Killer makes All Might realize that he can still contribute to the fight and that this pessimistic avatar of himself is nothing but an imposter, showing the hero the woman was the last person to be saved by him, as she walks up to his statue despite the rain and cleans it up, something she does devotedly because her trust in All Might hasn’t diminished.

All Might comes to his senses and as Stain walks away, he drops him a crucial piece of evidence related to the Tartarus escape. Meanwhile, Deku is back in U.A., and his friends help him adjust back to the ways of a student.

Deku expresses his gratitude as well as concern for All Might as he hasn’t returned yet. When he does, they all meet All Might who apologizes profusely for letting them down and getting them worried.

A flashback shows that on the day of the Tartarus prison break, Stain got hold of a very important piece of intel and since he only trusts All Might among the heroes, he gives that evidence to him.

All Might meet with police officers and discusses this new development as they also find out that the radio quirk that Shigaraki used gave them a way to communicate. When they deciphered the frequency, they found out that Shigaraki will gain his full form as a vessel in just three days, a time frame drastically smaller than the two months they had previously been told about.

My Hero Academia season 6 ending explained in detail:

What does Stain hand All Might?

Stain aka “The Hero Killer” has been tailing All Might shortly after his break from Tartarus. When All Might is at his lowest and loses hope in himself, Stain comes to the rescue out of all people, reminding the hero that he can still stand alongside other heroes and do good.

Before leaving, he leaves a crucial piece of intel he procured from Tartarus since it’s only All Might who he trusts the most out of everyone.

This piece of intel was procured by him from the hands of an unnamed dying prison guard. The intel has a recording that the staff in the prison had kept, and the content of it entails the frequency wave that Shigaraki and All For One used to communicate.

When they decipher the communication, they learn that Shigaraki’s complete transformation into a vessel for All For One will take place within 38 days. The research results at the Central Hospital were, as they find out, a bluff, and instead of one more month, they now have only three days to launch a preemptive strike on the enemy.

Who is Star?

With such a short amount of time left for them to prepare for the final battle, the heroes must come up with unique solutions. All Might’s solution to the problem is to call for backup from international territories.

At the end of the My Hero Academia finale, the members of the U.N. are shown discussing the problem that All For One pose. Different members of different countries have problems of their own, for even though their top heroes want to go assist All Might if they do, the migration would hurt their respective countries as well.

Even so, they must respond to All Might’s request to help, and as it turns out, some heroes have already embarked on their way to help All Might, the foremost among them being Stars and Stripes (referred to as “Star” in the anime thus far), who is the number 1 hero of America, and a disciple of All Might.

What happens to Deku?

Deku goes through immense emotional turmoil as a result of all the deaths and casualties that the public and other heroes have to suffer at the hands of All For One, and since his prime objective is to get his hands on One For All, Deku puts the blame of it all upon himself.

Jaded and enraged, and extremely concerned for his friends, he dons a vicious avatar and starts hunting All For One’s henchmen. Meanwhile, he makes various breakthroughs with his quirk, employing more and more of his predecessors’ quirks and becoming one of the most powerful heroes, but also one of the loneliest.

His friend comes in clutch and band together to get him back to the U.A., where they also vouch for him and support him against a crowd of protestors. By the end of My Hero Academia season 6, Deku is back with his friends, happy and confident regarding the perils that stand in their way ahead.


  • My Hero Academia season 6 comes to its end as Deku finally relearns to smile again and in the company of his close friends, he is confident instead of scared for the final battle that stands in front of him and his friends.
  • Stain’s scenes are a delight as once again the point being made is that many villains in My Hero Academia are victims of a society that failed them, even if it is not articulated as well as it should have.
  • The tease at the end is brilliant, as both the villains and the heroes gear up for the ultimate showdown, and the international contingent of heroes is also on its way to lend support.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 25
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 25 recap, review & ending explained 1

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