My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 recap & review: Friend

In My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22, Deku’s classmates step up and take it upon themselves to bring the ‘One For All’ lone wolf back to the safety of the school.


Deku and the rest of the team set off to confront All For One at the old headquarters of the Creature Rejection Clan, where he asked Nagant to deliver Midoriya.

All For One has long abandoned the hideout before Deki and the team of top pro Heroes arrives. However, in the hologram message he left there, he warns Deku that he’s no longer interested in All Might and that he’s now coming for him.

After escaping the explosive trap that All For One had set inside the hologram device, the pro Heroes discuss what they must do moving forward. They can’t get any more information out of Lady Nagant as she’s contending with her grave injuries.

Meanwhile, Edgeshot proposes that they take a leap of faith and tell every remaining hero about Deku’s One For All quirk and what All For One intends to do with him. However, the negative press that will be concentrated on Deku would be an unfavorable outcome.

For the time being, they decide to just operate with Deku, who, meanwhile, has been securing instant victories against the villains. He won’t even take the lunch boxes from All Might, as he intends to distance himself from the predecessor in order to keep him safe.

However, this self-less and sacrificial mission that Deku must embark on is really gnawing at All Might, who’s burdened by his conscience over not being able to keep his promise and keep him safe while his student has to carry the grand responsibility of his own.

Meanwhile, Deku’s friends back at UA are concerned about him after receiving his letters. They figure out that Deku is up to something while working with Endeavor, Hawks, Jeanist, and All Might, and plan on learning the truth, following which they confront Endeavor about it.

The principal agrees to take Deku back as a student and sends him an acceptance letter, claiming that he’ll fortify the school’s protective barrier and persuade the refugees regarding Deku’s stay. The students all get ready to go and rescue their friend.

When Deku finds himself in a tricky spot fighting the éassassin named Dictator, who’s now working as per All For One’s orders after the Tartarus prison break. His quirk “Despot” allows him to control people like puppets.

While Deku tries to figure out a way to incapacitate the puppet humans while also freeing them of the villain’s quirk, Dictator uses other humans as his shield so he can’t be knocked out.

While Deku remains steadfast in his conviction and calculated in his determination, his body is suffering from fatigue due to the overuse of several quirks. At a rather precarious point in the battle, he’s helped by his classmates, who all arrive at the scene and instantly capture the villain.

They wish to take Deku back but he doesn’t want to get any of them involved or hurt so he tells them all to back off. However, that’s something they’ve not come there to do, and as they make that clear, they brace to take on Deku, who stands tall despite his fatigued frame.


  • My Hero Academia gears up for the end of the current season as Deku now faces a battle against his friends, but a battle that’s more endearing than anything. His lone world arc seems to be coming to its conclusion as All Might fails to hold him back but his friends decide to do just that by themselves.
  • Apart from the emotional standoff that’s only teased at the end, there’s really not much going on in My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22.
  • However, All Might’s pain and cries at what he deems his failure make for an emotional scene as the voice actor does some commendable work in the short window of time.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 22 recap & review: Friend 1

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