My Hero Academia season 6 episode 13 recap & review: Final Performance

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 13 sees the League of Villains members go up against the Heroes in a bid to save Shigaraki and bail for the time being.


‘Final Performance’ begins with Mr Compress and Spinner trying their best to break free of Best Jeanist’s cables but the Pro Hero won’t let them do that easily, making the grip around their bodies even harder.

The backstories of the aforementioned League of Villains members are shown. A while back, the league was barely keeping up with the cost of staying functioning, financially broke and with some morale plummeting in Spinner.

He wanted to ask Shigaraki what their goal was, as he could not just sit around doing nothing when the reason he became what he did was because of Stain.

Later, Mr Compress’s backstory is delved into and it’s revealed that he’s the great-great-grandson of a Robinhood-like thief a long time ago — Oji Harima.

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Called “The Peerless Thief” and the “Bandit King”, Harima would steal from the fake heroes who only loaded up their pockets, and then proceed to distribute the spoils among the poor.

In the present, Mr Compress pulls all the stops and inflicts several brutal wounds upon himself to break free of Best Jeanist’s quirk and then proceeds to carry Spinner, Shigaraki, Skeptic, and Dabi to safety.

However, Mirio comes and tackles him before he flees. Best Jeanist also makes a move and as they get ensnared from all directions, Spinner puts one of Shigaraki’s hands on his face, prompting him to regain consciousness suddenly.

However, it’s All For One who emerges from slumber. Before Mirio can touch him, All For One shoots out a vast omnidirectional wave of energy, throwing him up in the air.

All For One then uses a certain frequency to call on many Nomus to help assist him in his retreat for the time being. Todoroki, Lida, and Lemillion try to stop him but fail to do so.

Deku moves once again, after being continually pierced in the head by the danger-sensing quirk that he’s finally inheriting from the fourth ‘One For All’ wielder.

Using the whip quirk with his tongue, Deku moves and lunges at All For One, but fails to do anything, as the villain throws him back and flees with the other villains.


  • ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 13 puts the spotlight on the villains that have deserved it for a long time now.
  • Mr Compress gets to do some considerable damage, albeit to himself, but he does achieve what he sets out to do and Spinner rises up at the key second to pull off their fleeing efforts successfully.
  • Deku’s unrelenting efforts in the face of extreme adversity are no surprise and yet seeing him do unhinged aerial manoeuvres with the help of his tongue is weirdly inspiring no matter how comical or unbelievable it might be.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 13
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 13 recap & review: Final Performance 1

Director: Tsuyoshi Tobita

Date Created: 2022-12-24 15:00

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